Euthyphro and socrates

In a clearly Euthyphro written, organized answer which answers the question and engages the appropriate texts, respond to the following question in about a 750 – 1000 word essay (about 3 – 4 pages when typed and double-spaced):
traces the argument between Euthyphro and Socrates concerning the nature of piety (or holiness). After several failed definitions, Euthyphro submits the definition of piety as something that is loved by all the gods. Socrates famously asks, “Is something pious because it is loved by the gods, or is it loved by the gods because it is pious?”
What is the significance of the this question? What’s the difference between the two options, and what implications can you foresee arguing one way over the other? Explain the dilemma and how Socrates answers the question. Do you agree with Socrates? Why or why not?

Sample Solution

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