Based upon your readings for this module, complete the application and critical thinking below. This assignment should be uploaded as a Word document.
A forensic biologist must examine the outside of a small leaf and a thin slice of the leaf one cell thick. She has at her disposal a transmitted light microscope and a stereomicroscope(vertical illumination). What instrument should she use for the analysis of each object and why? A trace evidence analyst places crystals of an unidentified white powder onto the stage of a polarizing microscope and observes the crystals through the eyepiece. Under correct focus, some of the crystals show bright colors while others appear very dark and hardly distinguishable. What can be concluded about the contents of the white powder? Numerous red-colored fibers from a sexual assault crime scene are delivered to the crime lab along with red fibers from the suspects clothing. What instrument should the trace analyst use to view the fibers and obtain chemical information that could be used to compare the crime-scene and clothing samples? Upon arrival at the crime scene of an attempted homicide, police officers, observe a man fleeing the scene and apprehend him. He is suspected to be the shooter in the attempted homicide, and the police wish to test his hands for the presence of compounds consistent with gunshot residue. How should they proceed?

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