Reaction to a new job

Problem 1
You have chosen your new job! With your new job come many new and
exciting opportunities as well as a few problems. One such problem is the need to move all of
your belongings to a new state. You own a mid-size sedan that can pull a small trailer. You must
take with you all basic household items such as a bed, couch, table/desk, etc., as you will not
have the funds in your budget to buy all new furnishings at your new location. Decide what you
must bring, how you will fit it into the space you have, and any other issues you will face in
making this exciting move.
Problem 2
You have chosen your new job, and you will be moving to a new area soon.
Before you head out on your new adventure, you want to make sure that you have a chance to
say goodbye to all of your friends and family. In the midst of your moving preparations, you
certainly cannot host a large party in your home, so instead, you will have your gathering at a
nearby public park. Everyone is coming from different areas and in different-size groups, and
there may even be different days they are available. Consider what you will need to do to plan
this event to ensure that the majority of your intended guests can join in on the festivities and
that you will not have to do all of the work to make this fun day happen.
Problem 3
It is all very exciting. One thing that is
not so exciting, however, is that your old car has broken down once again. Your mechanic has
told you that the repairs will be more than the value of your vehicle. Your current car is fully paid
for, but these repair costs are starting to pile up. Public transportation is somewhat available,
but you still need your car for your daily life and commute. You must now decide if you should
fix it once again or replace it. Decide which path you will choose.

Sample Solution

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