Comparative analysis

Write a comparative analysis comparing specific policy measures that the Canadian government has promoted in relation to 1 other country from the index. There are 8 categories in the index with 3 separate time periods, so you will be comparing Canada and another country based on these differences and time periods. The essay is a standard 5 paragraph (Introduction paragraph, 3 Body paragraphs, Conclusion paragraph) compare and contrast, and I have provided some helpful worksheets in the “Assignment” section of Moodle to help guide you through your planning and writing. Make sure that your introduction includes a thesis statement that clearly states your main points and argument. The overarching question for this paper is ‘What are the differences and/or similarities of how multiculturalism has been practiced at the policy level in Canada in relation to another European country?” (For this assignment, please do not use Japan as a comparison since it scored a “0” on all aspects of multicultural policy.)

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