To be an educated person

(A) Based on what you have read, what does it mean to Douglass, Feynmann, and Nusbaum to be an educated person? Give specific examples from the readings citing the specific page numbers with an in-text citation in MLA format. (B) What does it mean to be an educated person to YOU? Answer with a thoughtful response of several sentences that is grammatically correct and proofread for spelling.
A) What kinds of ideas did Douglass encounter when he read The Columbian Orator? Give at least 2 examples. B) How did these ideas influence him? Explain with details from the reading and cite the specific page in MLA format in ( ). C) What is the difference between the knowledge possessed by the students that Feynman encounters in his class and the knowledge that Feynman believes that they should actually have? Explain in your own words with specific examples from Feynman’s essay and remember to not copy directly from the reading or the videos, unless you cite in MLA format. D) When Lunsford talks about social and academic writing, what does she mean? Explain with information from Lunsford’s discussion and give an example to support your explanation. E) What ways does Lunsford suggest to explore ideas? F) Why does Nussbaum believe that economic growth will not automatically produce democracy? Answer with 3 or 4 complete complex sentences. G) What examples does Nussbaum cite to prove this thesis? Provide 2 specific examples from her essay.

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