Current Event Analysis

Dunkin’ Donuts announced a refreshed brand identity targeted towards a new generation of customers.
Fifty restaurants are planned to be rebranded this year with an eye towards competing with Starbucks and local coffee purveyors.
Three key elements of the new brand identity include:
an innovative tap system for cold beverages
developing an ‘upbeat vibe’ with their employees who will wear t-shirts with slogans such as “Fueled by Positive Energy”, “Start Me Up” and “Drink Coffee. Be Awesome.”
implementing an advanced On-the-Go mobile ordering system for pickup within the store or through their drive through (customers will bypass the ordering lane and merge straight into the line for the pickup window). They are the first national restaurant brand to offer this type of drive-through innovation and convenience.
Marketing Implications:
Dunkin’ Donuts is moving further away from being known as a donut restaurant and more as an innovative coffee shop with a large array of coffee drinks, an assortment of healthy food options, and convenient mobile ordering. With these unique new products and services they are in a good position to diffferentiate themselves against the competition and attract the younger consumers: millenials, the largest market segment in the U.S., and generation Y. From an international marketing perspective, it will be interesting to understand if Dunkin’ Donuts will implement their new brand identity and products/services at any of their international locations.

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