Toronto’s Cultural Landscapes and Ethnic Economies

Cultural Landscapes and Ethnic Economies

This field report asks you to learn about one of Toronto’s ethnic economies through
background research (online and library research), and field research
(observation in the place). You will answer 20 questions about your chosen site
(cultural landscape or ethnic economy) from the list below (or select your own).
This research will be used as the primary source material for your analytical essay.
Details and examples from your findings must be used in your essay.
This assignment was inspired by this article by Toronto Star Food Writer, Karon Liu.
Have a read to learn how he conducted his research, and what he found.
Liu was inspired by eating at a restaurant: “I always wondered why old-school
diners and burger joints have souvlaki and Greek salads on the menu” (Tweet,
12/12/2018, @karonliu). Let your imagination run wild with this assignment!
Answer a question you really want to know!
Examples of Cultural Landscapes and Ethnic Economies
Within the City of Toronto (south of Steeles, from Etobicoke to Scarborough)
-Chinatown (Spadina)
-The Beaches
-Chinatown East
-Corso Italia
-Little Portugal
-Little India/Gerrard St Bazaar
-The Church-Wellesley Village
-Bloor West Village
-Little Jamaica
-The Annex
-Kensington Market
-The Distillery District
-The Garment District
-Jane and Finch
-Afro-Carribbean Toronto
-Arab and Middle Eastern Toronto
-Balkan Toronto
-British and Irish Toronto
-Chinese Toronto
-French Toronto
-German Toronto
-Greek Toronto
-Indian and South Asian Toronto
-Italian Toronto
-Japanese and Southeast Asian
-Jewish Toronto
-Latin Toronto
-Russian and East

Section 1: Research Questions

  1. What is your research question? What do you want to know about? Make it quite
    (140 characters, e.g., Why do burger joints have Greek salads on the menu?
    Or Why is Chinatown where it is? Or Why are there Polish restaurants in
  2. Why do you want to know about this cultural landscape or ethnic economy? What
    spurred your interest?
    (Narrative response 280 characters, e.g., I was eating at a burger joint and I
    wondered why I saw Greek salads on the menu, at many different locations.
    I had a theory it might be because of Greek immigration, but I wanted to find
    Section 2: Background Research
  3. Write out the bibliographic citations for 3 newspaper articles on your topic. You
    can use the Toronto Star (1894-2015, 1971-2016, 1985-2019), Toronto Sun, or
    Globe and Mail (1936-2015, 1985-2019). If you find any other local newspapers, o

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