Your report must be written in APA 6th edition style. A peer review or the review of your paper by a staff person from the Write Place prior to submission is strongly recommended. The paper will be a five page, double-spaced, Word document, written in limes New Roman 12 font. The title page (i.e., page 1) should include a running head, the next three pages (i.e., pages 2-4) will include the body of your text with the eight required sections listed below, and the last page (i.e., page 5) will be the Reference page.
The text of your paper should consist of 8 parts: 1) A title page with running head, 2) an introduction, that explains the topic and why you chose it, 3) a summary of the research design, its hypothesis, assumptions, or theory the author used for the topic, 4) a description of the study’s quantitative/qualitative results and measurements, 5) the conclusions of the study, 6) a discussion of whether or not you agree with the study’s conclusions and what you would do to improve the study, 7) two reference citations in the text APA style, and 8) a Reference page.

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