Models of quality improvement

Think of a major process or practice change that you have experienced. This may have been in your organization, of if not working, in your personal life. Select one of the quality improvement models in your text that you think would be appropriate and apply it to your situation. (See the text box for a brief non-health organization related example on how we might apply a model.)
Here is a very simplistic example using the API Improvement Model. Let’s say I want to change the brand of toothpaste in my household. If I applied the API Improvement Model, I would examine the model. Then I might ask the following questions:
What do I want to accomplish? I might want to save money and/or improve dental health of my children. I might want to remove fluoride from my toothpaste due to perceived environmental concerns — or I might want to add fluoride for oral health reasons. How will I know that there has been an improvement? I might collect data by asking questions of my family members, comparing costs, comparing dental results pre-toothpaste change and post-toothpaste change. What change can we make to yield improvement? I may need to elicit my family’s buy-in to the change, do research on available types of toothpaste, perhaps introduce the change slowly by using the same flavor of toothpaste, or try several different types of toothpaste to determine preferences. If I use the FOCUS Model, I might apply the model this way. This model may be more effective if I know I want to improve oral hygiene, but am not yet sure on the best path to do so.
Find the process I want to improve, e.g. daily oral hygiene. Organize a team. I might enlist the dentist and dental hygienist, and perhaps my spouse. Clarify my knowledge. Here I might learn the current practices in oral hygiene and solicit recommendations for making process improvements from those who have been through it. Understand the variables. By talking with others who have been through changing children’s oral hygiene, I can develop a better plan and evaluate that plan more effectively. Select the process improvement and identify potential actions to take. Here I may decide that, yes, I want to change toothpastes and here are the actions I will take. Write a 3-5 double spaced APA formatted persuasive essay that describes your selected quality improvement model.
Address the following points in your essay:
Briefly describe the process or practice change. Talk about what was done to resolve the problem or issue. Describe the major tenets of the chosen model or approach. You must cover all the essential elements of the model. Apply the model to the situation/problem. If this model had been used, postulate how it might have impacted the outcome of the change situation. What might be one unintended consequence or disadvantage of using your chosen model? What data would you use to inform the results from using this model and to ensure improvement in quality? Please describe at least two different data points.

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