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Write a 4-5 page paper (excluding cover page and references) on the following topic:
Case Study reaction paper. Write a reaction paper based on the following case study:
Erin and Dan have just found out that they are going to have a baby. In preparation, they decide to buy new life insurance policies with high levels of coverage. Their insurance company requires that they have certain genetic tests performed before they can be approved for their policies. As a result of this testing, Dan discovers that he carries the genetic mutation responsible for Huntington’s Disease (HD). HD is an autosomal dominant genetic disorder which usually results in death within 20 years of the onset of visible symptoms.
Given this result, the couple consulted their obstetrician who advised them about the availability of genetic counseling and possible prenatal testing for their unbom child. Dan also consulted his own physician and informed him of the results.
When it was suggested that Dan’s two sisters and three brothers may also want to have information about their chance of having the mutated gene for HD, Dan indicated that he would not be communicating with them and that he did not want other family members to know the results of his tests. Three years later, Dan’s older sister suddenly died of HD.
Shortly after Dan received his genetic test result his older brother, Larry, also applied for life insurance. In this case, genetic testing did not take place but Larry and Dan are both patients of the local GP. The GP was asked to provide relevant medical information for the insurance policy. When asked about preexisting conditions and family history, Larry answered honestly that there were no conditions to report. He was not aware of Dan’s test results or diagnosis.
Your paper should cover the following aspects: What ethical dilemmas are present in this case? What is the importance of confidentiality in this case? Does the genetic counselor or physician have any obligation to inform Dan’s relatives? What if some relatives are also patients of the physician? Does the physician have a responsibility to inform Larry’s insurance about Dan’s results? If, at the time of the baby’s birth, Dan and Erin are also applying for medical insurance for the baby and genetic information released to the medical insurance company, should the insurance company be able to use this information to determine Dan and the baby’s genetically insurance? Is this different than for life insurance?

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