Impact of Diversity on Communication Based

  1. How have gender differences (or similarities) played a role in your communication or interactions with your Partner? Give an example to support your answer. Now, after having read the chapter and absorbed the lectures, will you change the way you communicate with your Partner? If yes, how? If no, why not? 2. What co-cultures are you and your Partner members of? Are they the same or different? Are they high- or low-context cultures, masculine or feminine? Provide examples of when cultural differences created difficulties in your communication with your Partner. Looking forward, what will you do differently when communicating with a partner who identifies with a different culture or co-culture? 3. If you and your Partner are from different cultures or co-cultures, what barriers did you have to overcome in your relationship? How did you overcome them? Are there additional (or the same) barriers you need to address in the future? How might you address them? 4. How did you learn your cultural values (masculine vs. feminine, individual vs. group, tolerance for uncertainty vs. need for certainty, concentrated vs. decentralized power)? Through enculturation or acculturation (or both)? How have those values affected your communication and relationship with your Partner? Give an example of how you and your Partner have developed a “third culture”?

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