Critical analysis paper of the book by Krupa Ge

Your critical analysis of the readings from weeks seven and eight are to be based on Krupa Ge’s book “ Rivers
Remember. Each paper should be 1000-1200 words max. Papers should be drafted in APA style. Each of
these papers should reflect the theoretical content taught in the first few weeks of the course. The book is a
story of flooding in the southern Indian city of Chennai in 2015. When you read the book, you should try to find
excerpts from at least two chapters (of that particular week’s readings) that highlight social relations,
governance practices, the experiences of disasters and the aspirations of the middle class and the poor in a
city that is witnessing rapid economic growth and transformation. What are the main constraints citizens face in
their engagement with local city authorities during the disaster? What urban governance and planning practices
have led to the disaster? What does the book tell you about the city-region of Chennai and its settlement
geography? How does the evidence in the book relate to urbanism in India and Asia that have been discussed
in the first few weeks of class? These are some questions you could try to answer in both these papers. It is
key that you have a separate and focused argument or insight in each of these papers.

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