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  1. Your Community

If you grew up in the United States, how racially diverse was your neighborhood while you were growing up? Briefly describe. At the time, did you ever think about the racial composition of your community? Did you receive any messages from adults that attempted to explain ‘the way things were’? Discuss.

If you did NOT grow up in the U.S., but you lived here for any length of time, then discuss the neighborhood in which you lived. What did you notice, if anything, about diversity in your community, about how race and real estate interact?
If you have never lived in the US, indicate that instead as your response to this question. Perhaps share a specific insight into the role of race, segregated living, gentrification, and/or marginalized groups in your place of origin. In addition, perhaps comment briefly on any similarities or differences from the U.S.

  1. Contextualizing Your Experience

After watching /reviewing these videos, indicate one thing you learned from one or more of them about the deliberate policies of segregation and/or its consequences that puts your own lived experience in a larger context. Choose facts or ideas from the video(s) that you previously were not aware of, or that you did not understand. Be specific.

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