Adolescents & Addiction


Watch the videos listed below and answer the questions that follow:

Adolescents & Addiction:

Adolescent Drug Addiction

The Science of Relapse

Brain imaging on drugs

Please answer the following questions and indicate what videos helped you answer the question.

Discuss three things new to you or that stood out to you from watching the videos.
Identify at least two biases you may have regarding persons with a substance use disorder and how this may affect your work/treatment. (Note if your preferences changed after reviewing this week’s material).
How vital is substance/addiction education for your PMHNP/future career?
What is one specific thing that you can do to increase your knowledge of substance use disorders?
Find one online video that discusses the effects of drugs on the brain. Choose one type of drug (i.e. stimulants) and briefly describe how it affects the brain.


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