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Adult health

Describe strategies to empower patients or families in all aspects of the health care process in 3 paragraphs, with a specific example demonstrating the higher level information.

Rubric Grading scale :
Reflection demonstrates high degree of communication skills and critical thinking. Insightful relevant connections made with regards to culture, patient care, and theories backed by literature.

Personal Growth
Strong evidence of self-reflection posed while showing awareness of deeper meaning and inferences. Current experiences synthesized into future implications.

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hey can be used to get to know a person’s weekly schedule or to keep track of when someone is going away. It provides critical information, which for instance tells a criminal if it is safe for them to break into a house. These cameras can also be used to replace the user ID/password authentication method to access computer systems to obtain services in the name of another person. Even though the new methods can effectively distinguish the real face from fake photos by calculating the depth of the face, it is not that hard to break into a system that uses facial recognition. [3][8] US senator Al Franken has given his opinion on the problem of this topic in an open letter to the creators of an app that uses facial recognition (i.e. NameTag): “Unlike other biometric identifiers such as iris scans and fingerprints, facial recognition is designed to operate at a distance, without the knowledge or consent of the person being identified,” he wrote. “Individuals cannot reasonably prevent themselves from being identified by cameras that could be anywhere – on a lamp post, attached to an unmanned aerial vehicle or, now, integrated into the eyewear of a stranger.”. [9] ii. Racial/ethnic bias Recent research suggests that the algorithms behind facial-recognition technology may suffer from a racial or ethnic bias: many algorithms expose differences in accuracy across race, gender and other demographics [10]. It is shown in a study by P. J. Phillips [22] that algorithms developed in East Asia recognized Asian faces far more accurately than Caucasian faces. The exact opposite was true for algorithms developed in Europe and the United states. This implies that the conditions in which an algorithm is created can influence the accuracy of its results. A possible explanation for this is that the developer of an algorithm may program it to focus on facial appearances that are more easily distinguishable in some races than in others [10][22]. It is not only in the way the algorithm is programmed. It is also in the way the algorithm is trained. It is possible that a certain algorithm has more experience with Asian faces than with Caucasian faces. This un

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