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Advance primary care of Family practicum

Review: AANP NP Contract Sample: es/documents/publication s/ContractNegotiations.pd f

State of Florida Example ARNP protocol orms/arnp-protocolformat.pdf…

1-What are the main questions, you need to ask your employer during negotiation meeting?

2-What could be some problems you might encounter during contract negotiation? How would you approach those problems?

Sample Solution

understood the terms and conditions of their workplace. If correct protocol was undertaken, public liability would not be taken into consideration as proper precautions would have been made. In relation to section 5B (2) of the CLA 2002, it is suspected that if a reasonable person would have taken precautions against the harm, the likely seriousness of the harm would have been lessened as that person would have followed correct protocol by rendering the parcel safe. In the Donoghue v Stevenson case [1932] AC 562, Lord Atkin formulated the neighbour principle which states that the defendant must take reasonable care to avoid acts which they can reasonably foresee would be likely to injure their neighbour. In relation to Meghan and Catherine’s case, Australia post is indeed liable as the employees at that time did not protect their ‘neighbours’, in hindsight, a reasonable person with authority could’ve easily have taken precautions to avoid the risk of harm. Catherine’s case differs to Meghan’s as she voluntarily tried to retrieve the snake and Meghan was injured by distressing from observation, hence suffering from a heart attack. Nonetheless, Catherine can still pursue her case as she would not have suffered “but for” the snakes being present in the first place. As Catherine was administered incorrect treatment she became severely affected by the venom and can no longer walk. Causation The plaintiffs, Meghan and Catherine, are required to prove that the harm they have suffered was caused by Australia Post’s employees, Harry and Will’s breach of duty. As stated in Section 5D of the Civil Liability Act 2002, to determine that the negligence caused particular harm, the negligence was a necessary condition of the occurrence. In relation to factual causation, the issue whether Meghan would have suffered injury “but for” Harry and Will’s breach of duty. Therefore, the scenario demonstrates that Meghan’s heart attack occurred as a result of the snakes escaping. It is evident that Meghan’s injury would not have happened if Harry and Will rendered the parcel safe. This is supported with the use of salient features as the vulnerability of Meghan would be tested whether she was capab

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