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Advanced Directives DNRs

Part A-Termination letter

Create and post a formal business letter to a fictional patient from a fictional provider, terminating the relationship. Remember to clearly address the fictional rationale. The letter must be in traditional business letter format.

Please include a reference list citing your sources.

Initial posts should be four to five full, substantive paragraphs in length.

Part B- Advanced Directives & DNRs

Research the law of Advance Directives and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders in your state. State laws vary. To research your state law (I am in New York State), go to: (Links to an external site.).

First, name the state that you are addressing. Remember to cite the state laws (statutes, cases and regulations) in the reference list.
Second, choose and discuss three differences between Advance Directives and Do Not Resuscitate Orders in your state. Explain the rationale behind the differences.
Third, explain any different approaches you might use explaining these documents to patients and family members based on their educational level.
Should be four to five full, substantive paragraphs in length.

Part C- Informed Consent

Research NY state’s laws on Informed Consent. Then research NY state’s statutes or initiatives or proposals related to Aid-in-Dying. Clearly name the states that you are discussing which is NY. Provide an explanation of both. Then provide a conclusion addressing whether the two doctrines reconcile or interface. In other words, provide a thorough analysis of whether or not they will work together.

Recommended length: 3 pages, excluding cover and reference pages.

Sample Solution

After learning about my student’s different cultural backgrounds, we would then begin learning about multicultural perspectives such as different places around the world and how others live in different countries. For examples, do places in Australia look the same as places in Africa? During my lesson, I would teach my students different words for “spider” in some of their classmate’s native language, such as Spanish or Mandarin or even ASL (American Sign Language). By doing so, this would allow students the opportunity to build connections amongst their fellow classmates as well as feeling a connection between what they are learning and developing a sense of identity among the topic. By doing so, students learn another language and build connections amongst their classmates. We would then discuss where spiders come from, how long they have been around, and their habitats. The next part of the lesson would involve my students assessing the differences in how spiders are viewed in different cultures along with their habitats. My students will be required to identify whether or not spiders are protected in that culture, managed, ignored and so on. After completing their research, I will have my students report whether spiders living conditions have changed with time. The students would then create a model of spider’s habitats compared to the past and now in the present. After determining the impact of human beings on spiders, my students would then be required to develop a plan on how to help spiders and their habitats around the world. My students will be reminded of the different cultures and how spiders are valued among various cultures. The students will be instructed to use the internet to look up the different areas of the world and view how spiders are represented there and w

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