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Advantages and disadvantages of the cost-based and price-based DoD contracting methods.

Use the resources and the supporting materials located in this course. See all the resources provided and referenced each week. Develop a comprehensive essay comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the cost-based and price-based DoD contracting methods.

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New learning technologies Adapting to new changes, include bringing in new technology and being grateful to the inventors, we have immense new ways to share and gain knowledge and information. The innovation and practicality of certain gadgets and gizmos introduced in the classrooms has completely changed the way students and teachers learn. Some of them are mentioned below: 1. Flash Notes: Flash notes allows students to shares notes, it is also the online marketplace where students can buy and sell their notes so it is useful to other students. 2. Lesson Cast: This technology is invented specifically for the teachers. It provides help and support with the lesson plans and the course outlines by submitting a 2-minute strategy or an idea using video, ppt or documents, etc. and share it with other instructors. 3. Glogster EDU: This allows students to display their research creatively. It is a platform which allows students to collage pictures, text, video and custom graphics to create an eye-pleasing presentation. And they are easy to make and share too. 4. Knewton: This technology aims at customizing content for ideal learning. It monitors student’s activity and uses that particular information to give them the rightful resources based on their level of compatibility. This software grows more deeper, the more the student uses it. It can follow a student through their entire career. 5. Live Binders: Using the idea of pinning and bookmarking, these ring binders allows teachers and instructors to collect and organise resources for their study plans. It also helps students who are collecting huge amount of resources for a big project as they are easy to browse and share. 6. Kid Blog: This technology is designed specifically for students in lower grades. It provides an opportunity to start up their own blog which is related to their classroom. The students get benefits of the resources updated by the other students and can amass different aspects of knowledge. 7. Snagit, Jing, Camtasia: All these software capture video programs by making it e

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