Against the Death Penalty

The author demonstrates the transience of the trauma inflicted on the victim. The consequences of incarceration, whether real or experimental are of the same magnitude given both the volunteers and the real prisoners reacted in an analogous fashion to the same conditions. It is evident that the psychological impact of imprisonment is more detrimental than beneficial since the ramifications go as deep as impacting negatively on the state of mind of the individual. Mental anguish is ubiquitous since an individual is reduced to child like dependency and denied the basic freedoms enjoyed outside the prison walls. Capital punishment is undeniably dehumanizing, and it strips mankind of any hope or sense of acceptance back into the society. Hence, this was demonstrated by depression, psychosomatic reactions, as well as disorientation as a result of capital punishment of test subjects in six days. Regardless of their innocence and knowledge of it being an experiment, even the smartest of the test subject was reduced to a metal state that did not befit his caliber. The negative effects of capital punishment were evident from this experiment.

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