An Apology to Comfort Women from the Japanese Government


  1. Introduction
  2. Brief summary of the issue of comfort women: Japanese soldiers set up brothels and forced women from other places to be their sex slaves during WWII. These women were called comfort women and were forced to have sexual behavior with Japanese troops every day.
  3. Brief discussion of the Japanese government’s stance after the war: the Japanese government hides the brutal truth of comfort women after the war. It not only officially denies the accusation of using comfort women during wartime, but it also bans all publications that mention the issue of comfort women.

Thesis Statement: Although the Japanese government has reasons to deny its official responsibility in the use of comfort women during World War II, there is plenty of evidence to prove the Japanese government’s crime of allowing its troops to force foreign women to be their comfort women during the war; the Japanese government should apologize formally to these comfort women.


  1. Body Paragraphs
  2. Historical details supporting the exploitation of comfort women
    1. Japanese soldiers set up brothels during WWII for its soldiers. They made foreign women to be their sex slaves by means of forcing or deceiving, etc. These women were named comfort women and were forced to have sex with Japanese soldiers.
    2. Lives in brothels were inhumane. Comfort women were sterilized, and many of them were killed after the war to hide the crime of Japanese troops.
  3. Reasons for the Japanese government’s denial after the war
    1. As the American government also involved in the issue of comfort women, the Japan’s government hid the fact of comfort women in order to protect the American government’s interests. The Japanese government benefited from its correlation with American government during the trial.
    2. The Japanese government claims that all crimes have been settled in 1965 with the agreement with Korea. Thus, the Japanese government refuses to pay any compensation and to make any formal apology.
  4. History of Nanking and recalled memories from former comfort women serve as evidence charging Japanese soldiers’ crime
    1. Japanese soldiers’ atrocious deeds in Nanking, China during WWII best provide evidence to the issue of comfort women. Nanking was one of the places where Japanese armies had set up their brothels and forced those local women to become their sex slaves.
    2. Memories from three of the many former comfort women prove the existence of themselves. They tell how they were deceived, kidnapped or forced to be sex slaves when they were young.
  5. Public attention on the issue of comfort women
    1. The Japanese government’s effort on hiding their vile behavior has not gain much support from scholars. In order to hide their crime, the Japan’s government has banned all publications to publish events about comfort women. Japan’s students do not have chance to learn about their country’s past.
    2. International attention alarms the Japanese government that the fact of comfort women can no longer be concealed. Former comfort women are supported to request a formal apology from the Japanese government. Lawsuits have been brought up; however, none of them has succeeded yet.


  1. Conclusion
  2. There is still a long way to go on the path of demanding the Japanese government make a formal apology.
  3. The Japanese government should let its people learn about the issue of comfort women so that they are able to learn from the past and prevent the same atrocity to happen again.
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