application for MPH

application for MPH

1-first part has to include my relevant experience and why is it I want to achieve by the end of MPH (master in public health) why its important for me

I’m a medical doctor so I do have the knowledge and a small experience in my practice I’m interested in public awareness …and I do see my degree and the master

degree go hand in hand to achieve it I could do it in more professional way.

studying and retaining back to practice will enhance my ability I see my self joining the UN after finishing my master in international public health in 2 years

hopefully I could practice and apply what I took from this master in my professional day to day

2nd question should be answered in the essay :
what have I learned from my work experience that I will bring in to classroom in terms of insight about health , illness and public health… I said Im a doctor

although I have a short work experience

3rd part of the essay should be on how did I identified a new approach to a complex problem?!!

4th part I should describe a situation where I got people working to gather how I did it and what’s the impact was ?

the 4 questions or points should be answered in the essay

the complex problem actually its not a problem in precise its was a difficult case that I had in my internship
a patients who’s immune compromised and almost had an allergy against any thing you could imagine cloth material , serums , certain antibiotics so me and the team

decided when ever we approach her we should take a full measures a crash cart, and senior in charge should be close even the consultant when ever we needed to do any

thing to the patient ,,, after I finished my rotation and I endorse her to the new intern, the new intern flowed my way with this patient


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