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Aristotle’s idea of eudaimonia

In this module’s learning, you were introduced to Aristotle’s idea of eudaimonia, which emphasizes happiness and flourishing. Imagine that you are 99 years old and looking back on your life. What do you think are the moments or actions that made you happiest? How would you determine whether your life was one which flourished? What role might virtue play in how you reflect?

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s an early fall morning, and more modest crevices and arrivals of debris and smoke on the mountain went generally unseen, the occupants of the locale excessively distracted with their own set up schedules. Quickly, in a way very corresponding to the/a (repulsive strong quake/event) seventeen years earlier, the ground started to vibrate particularly viciously; the occupants were in a frenzy, many endeavoring to clear (in a furious (style)). (At roughly 1:00 pm, Mount Vesuvius disastrously emitted, regurgitating up a high-elevation segment from which debris and pumice started to fall, covering the region - frenzied protects and escapes happened during this time. Lights seen on the mountain were seen as flares. People as distant as Misenum escaped for their lives. In this manner, pyroclastic streams of the well of lava arose; the streams were fast moving, thick, and singing, overturning completely or incompletely all constructions in their way, burning or choking out all populace staying there and changing the scene, including the shore. These were joined by extra light quakes and a gentle torrent in the Bay of Naples. Before sun-down of the subsequent day, the emission was finished, leaving just dimness in the climate through which the sun sparkled feebly/faintly.) Vesuvius was torpid for a really long time and no emission was recorded in memory until 79 AD. Because of this appalling absence of data, the occupants of the Campanian towns couldn't anticipate the lethal and grave outcomes of a volcanic blast; many remained positioned in the places where they grew up and houses, expecting that the calamity would be short-named, and (just outcome in a simple part of the obliteration that unfolded in reality.) This disastrous fiasco waited in the personalities of many; soon after, all strains and elements of the Roman world turned out to be progressively engaged and heightened. As the general public endeavored to modify and recuperate itself, a cutthroat, driven and slippery world was uncovered. New cash tested old qualities. The conventional orders of force and status could never again be underestimated.

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