Article review; economics of sports.

Article review; economics of sports.

Project description
Paper: Every student is expected to write a paper that is at least two pages long (double-spaced, 12 point font) analyzing a recent article from a print or online publication (NY Times,, etc.) relating to the economics of sports. The student should summarize the content of the article and describe how it relates to the economics of sports and/or any specific recent class material, as well as any economic perspectives the author may have missed. Students must have their article approved by Friday November 7th. The article a student writes can be the same as one presented in class by that student, although it does not have to be. Approval is needed to make sure that no two students write on the same topic. The paper is due Thursday, November 20th before class.
Note: This can be on the same article as the one presented in class. Remember to cite all sources referenced or used.

Do not plagiarize for this project in any way! Including material in your write up that is not cited will be taken as plagiarism and is an academic integrity violation. If you want to use excerpts from your source material, cite them (doesnt have to be perfect), and it wont count towards your page total.

Paper (30 total points):
The paper is due on the Thursday November 20th. The paper should be emailed to me by9:30am the day before class. The format must be a word doc or PDF. Here is the grading for the paper:

Topic (10 pts):
-Did you meet the deadline for the topic being approved?
-Did you get any changes or updates approved by me?
Content (30 pts):
-Did the paper meet the length requirement?
-Did the paper provide an adequate review or summary of the material?
-Did the paper provide an adequate evaluation of the material or results and how did economics played a role?
-Did you cite all articles or sources referenced or referred?
Note: Citations do not have to be in an particle format, title author, and link will suffice.
Writing Evaluation (10 points):
-Was the paper well organized?
-Were there excessive grammar, spelling, or citation errors?


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