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Athletes who are considered the best in the world

  1. Two well known athletes who are considered the best in the world are about to compete. Athlete A knows
    that Athlete B used a substance regularly for two years and stopped a month ago. Today the drug is illegal.
    Athlete A goes to the police and reports the previous illegal activity to get Athlete B jailed to miss the
    competition and secure a win for Athlete A without even competing. What are the criminal law implications here
    and will Athlete A be successful with the plan? Your answer should list any pertinent rules and then apply them
    to the situation. (20 Points)
  2. An undercover officer approaches a man in a bar and says, “Can I hire you to kill someone for me?” The
    man replies? How much are you paying? The officer responds $10,000. He gives him the target information
    and agreed to pay him upon completion. The target is another police officer. As the man attempts to kill the
    target, police swoop in and arrest the would be hit man. Discuss and explain whether this is acceptable or
    unacceptable police work. Then, describe what, if any, defenses are available to the hit man. (20 points)
  3. John is driving his sports car on the interstate at 65 MPH, while a friend is hanging onto the roof of the car.
    They are allegedly practicing because they both want to be stuntmen. Of course, the friend looses his grip, falls
    off the car and is killed. John is arrested and charged with Involuntary Manslaughter in the death. As John’s
    attorney, can you explain how the prosecution will demonstrate his Mens Rea or mental state at the time of the
    incident. You may use the Model Penal Code to explain your answer. (20 points)
  4. Please provide the list of the core felonies which are 5 felonies against persons and 4 felonies against
    property. (20 points)
  5. Discretion is an important part of the criminal justice system. Please identify those areas where discretion is
    used and explain why it is or is not a useful tool. (20 points)

Sample Solution

population found this perplexing due to the cultural belief in “two-spirit” or what can be considered a third gender (Morgensen. 2012). With the colonization of the indigenous population Europeans were able to instill their beliefs about gender and sex, eventually this became a tool in their quest for dominance (Manning, 2019). Additionally it can be suggested that it created the foundation of a hierarchical system in the Americas and the Caribbean society knows toady. In short the institution of gender was the beginnings of colonial power around the world. With the concept of hierarchy forced on the indigenous colonizers were able to justify gendered violence, because of the man over woman ideal. Gendered violence played an important role in the shaping of colonial societies and establishing power and it continued to be a tool of retaining power during post-colonisation and modern day conflict. It is clear that even in modern day society there is a large amount of inequality throughout the world in terms of men’s and women’s opportunities, and unfortunately the inequalities can become amplified during times of conflict. During World War 1 80% of casualties were soldiers, during the Vietnam War 80% of casualties were civilians mostly women and children (Fagan,1999). This is an example of an extremely concerning trend and that is that women and children have become tools and pawns in conflicts to gain or retain power on both international and national levels. As instability in security increases the risk of sexual violence also increases all across the board for men, women, and children. The use of sexual violence is used a psychological tactic to control and weaken communities through loss of social cohesion. Colonization and war both contributed to the objectification and demoralization use of sexual violence to carry out the task at hand. We see this with early colonizers who were quick to brutalize native women and exploit their newly taken power. A more modern examples would be the conflicts in Rwanda, Uganda, and Bosnia–Herzegovina, which saw sexual violence used as a systemic tool of war; but also can be used to control populations in times of peace (Close, 2011). The use of sexual violence reinforces gender stereotypes in societies both developed and developing, especially the idea that conflict is a male dominated.

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