Globalization is a continuous process whereby managers become aware of the impact of international activities on their companies. This process takes place in stages that include exporting, licensing joint ventures, wholly owned subsidiaries, and global sourcing. Each stage has implications for the type of accounting information reported.
Striking Furs imports furs from Canada. In the space provided below, prepare journal entries to record the following events.
Dec. 11, 2017: Purchased furs from Capable Trappers, Ltd., a Canadian corporation, at a price of 25,000 Canadian dollars, due in 60 days. The current exchange rate is $0.85 U.S. dollars per Canadian dollar. (Striking uses the perpetual inventory method; debit the Inventory account.)
Dec. 31, 2017: Striking made a year-end adjusting entry relating to the account payable to Capable Trappers. The exchange rate at year-end is $0.89 U.S. dollars per Canadian dollar.
Feb. 9, 2018: Issued a check for $21,750 (U.S. dollars) to National Bank in full settlement of the liability to Capable Trappers, Ltd. The exchange rate at this date is $0.87 U.S. dollars per Canadian dollar.

  1. Explain ways in which Striking Furs can protect itself against the losses that would arise from a sudden increase in the foreign exchange rate.
  2. Using the information you developed above in 2-3 pages, explain ways in which Striking Furs can protect itself against the losses that would arise from a sudden increase in the foreign exchange rate.

Sample Solution

Professional interview

Conduct an interview with one local person in the youth/human services area: teachers, social workers, youth case managers, child and adolescent counselors, school counselors, clinical mental health counselors, addictions counselors, marriage and family counselors, etc.. The interview can be via Zoom, phone, or email. This paper should be no more than 3 pages and will be uploaded to Canvas to submit. These interviews should cover the following topics:

Name of professional, contact information, place of employment
What are the professional’s credentials (e.g., degree, license, etc.)
How did the professional come to work in human/youth services? Their motivation, drive?
The professionals beliefs and knowledge about ethical dilemmas presented at their place of employment.
What are common issues, diagnosis, developmental or other mental health disorders do they work with and what skills or techniques are often used?
Ways the employer and individual professional promote self-care
Roles and functions of youth/human services professionals, issues of child abuse, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
Levels of collaboration, issues of addiction and working with the family is part of the day-to-day functions
Youth/human service professionals roles and use of local, regional, or national resources
Supervision and professionalism models, practices and processes.
Current labor market information relevant to opportunities for practice within the youth/human service profession. Current employment opportunities and job market?
Ways to address institutional and social barriers that limit access, equity, and success for clients
Student reflection on the information and insights gained by completing this interview.
Didnt get a response back from the clinical psychologist/owner i wanted to interview

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“NFL’S Headache over Concussion Responsibility

Please read Ch. 5. page 1, case study “NFL’S Headache over Concussion Responsibility

Using only the facts provided in the case study, write an essay that addresses what you believe is the corporate social responsibility of the NFL. Identify stakeholders that you believe may be the most impacted and explain how they will be impacted. Lastly, if regulating the NFL’s concussion protocol becomes a viable option, discuss how the NFL should be regulated, and how the regulations you identified would ultimately make the league safer.

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Cultural Considerations When Caring for Geographically Displaced and LGBTQIA Populations

Start by reading and following these instructions:
Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus.
Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources. Some answers may
require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources. Choose your sources
Consider the course discussions so far and any insights gained from it.
Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources if needed, use APA style as required, and
check your spelling.

Sample Solution

Diverse Pop

Conduct a literature search to locate a journal article related to people’s health or health care practices from
the LGBTQIA population. You should consider only articles published within the last five (5) years. Refer to the
Krehely (2009) article, How to Close the LGBT Health Disparities Gap summary.
Discuss any changes made since this article was published? In June 2009, President Obama issued a
directive on same-sex domestic partner benefits. Discuss the significance of this directive to healthcare access
for this population.
Analyze this encounter with a healthcare professional: Doctor, I’m gay.” “Great. We’ll test you for HIV today.”
“But I’m not having sex.” “How much do you drink?” Is this appropriate? Why? Why not? How, with humility,
would you have approached this assessment with the patient?
Required Book:

  • Diverse Populations & Health Care
    Delivering Culturally Competent Nursing Care (2nd Edition) – 978082613727

Sample Solution

Subjectivity and Aligning Culture with Sexual Awareness

We have approached the final component of the grant proposal. This portion of the proposal will be entitled,
“Subjectivity & Aligning Culture with Sexual Awareness”. With grant proposals, addressing probable short and
long-term solutions relative to the identified problem is a necessity towards beginning to impact change. Thus,
this section will be focusing on a summary/conclusion for the proposal and the importance of facilitating cultural
understanding relative to understanding mainstream culture and subcultures associated with sexuality.
Write a three-page paper addressing the following:
Inequality, at both individual and systems/community levels, will always be existent with a social issue or
problem. Developing community understanding towards strengthening individuals, families, and groups
impacted by negative factors associated with sexuality is important. Provide commentary specific to how
biases, assumptions, and judgements perpetuate the problem of the increase in teen pregnancy rates and
HIV/STD infections.
Discuss how Helping Communities Grow, LLC can facilitate a culture towards change in rectifying the matter of
teen pregnancy and understanding the dynamics/characteristics relative to HIV/STDs and human sexuality (in
Minimum Sources: 3
APA Expectations
Ensure that you cite all facts with parenthetical in-text citations throughout your work. In addition, note that intext citations and the Reference Page go together. All in-text citations must be correlated with entries on the
alphabetized Reference listing at the conclusion of your work.

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