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Black Capitalism

Think of your annotated bibliography as a prologue to your research essay. You may use
the same sources or more from your literature review as well as any sources from the
syllabus. You may also use anything that you wrote for your annotated bibliography for
your research paper. However, remember that you are not doing a summary for this
assignment. Instead, you are combining your skills of abridging others’ arguments and
close reading in order to argue your own thesis.
If you’re struggling, read through your literature review and consider what seems to be
‘missing’ or incomplete in the scholarly conversation. Your research essay ought to fill
in this gap by providing critiques of the sources you have encountered and moving
their arguments further or in different directions. Below is a list of possible research
essay topics relevant to our course; however, you should consider one of your own
before pulling from this list as forming your own argument based on what you think is
missing or insufficient in others’ work is exactly what academics are meant to do.

Word requirement: 1500 word min
Marxism is wrong because… Capitalism and the Music Industry
Marxism is right because… Judaism and Marxism
Capitalism and Social Media Christianity and Marxism
Capitalism and News Media Pink Capitalism [capitalism within LGBTQ

The Ideology of __ {community, piece
of media, platform}

Black Capitalism [capitalism within Black

Capitalism and the Boardgame called

American Capitalism and Imperialism in
_ {region}

How Capitalism Affects __
{community, group of people or
animals, environment}

A Marxist Critique of _

Reading __ {song, music video, film,
novel, story, poem} as a Marxist

How __ Reinforces

Capitalism and Gun Violence Marxism in __ {community, context}
Las Vegas and Capitalism

Not required for listening but do note that the following episodes from the RevLeft Radio podcast
are also relevant to the contemporary study of Marxism. Go to and search for the titles to find the free link to listen.
These, as well as episodes from podcasts like The Red Menace or Anticonquista, would count as
sources for your research paper.
• “Necrocapitalism: Plague, Ideology, & the Murderous Logic of Capital”
• “Challenging Capitalism: Envisioning a Socialist Workplace”
• “Paying Tribute to Radical Voices of Black Liberation”
• “Organizing in a Pandemic: NYC Housing Justice and Fighting Cuomo”
• “Organizing in a Pandemic: Rebel Steps and Rent Strikes!”
• “Organizing in a Pandemic: Omaha Tenants United & Nebraska Left Coalition”
• “COVID-19, Contradictions, and the Dictatorship of Capital”
• “Nina Simone: The Revolutionary High Priestess of Soul”
• “Huey P. Newton Gun Club – Alpha Company: Self Defense and Community Organizing”
• “The Midwest Left Assembly”
• “Capitalist Chaos and Crimes: The Great Recession of 2008”
• “Redneck Revolt and the John Brown Gun Club”
• “Gender Abolition, Michel Foucault, and Marxism-Leninism”
• “Marxist Feminism: The Struggle Against Capitalist Patriarchal Hegemony”
• “Appalachia: Class Struggle in Coal Country”

Sample Solution

ter on, one of the most known methods will be discussed in a detailed way. The facial recognition methods that can be used, all have a different approach. Some are more frequently used for facial recognition algorithms than others. The use of a method also depends on the needed applications. For instance, surveillance applications may best be served by capturing face images by means of a video camera while image database investigations may require static intensity images taken by a standard camera. Some other applications, such as access to top security domains, may even necessitate the forgoing of the nonintrusive quality of face recognition by requiring the user to stand in front of a 3D scanner or an infrared sensor[15]. Consequently, there can be concluded that there can be made a division of three groups of face recognition techniques, depending on the wanted type of data results, i.e. methods that compare images, methods that look at data from video cameras and methods that deal with other sensory data, like 3D pictures or infrared imagery. All of them can be used in different ways, to prevent crime from happening or recurring. ii. How do these technologies work? As listed above, there exists a long list of methods and algorithms that can be used for facial recognition. Four of them are used frequently and are most known in the literature, i.e. Eigenface Method, Correlation Method, Fisherface Method and the Linear Subspaces Method. But how do these facial recognition work? Because of word limitations, only one of those four facial recognition techniques, i.e The Eigenface Method, will be discussed. Hopefully this will give an general idea of how facial recognition works and can be used. One of the major difficulties of facial recognition, is that you have to cope with the fact that a person’s appearance may change, such that the two images that are being compared differentiate too much from each other. Also environmental changes in pictures, like lightning, have to be taken into account, in order to have successful facial recognition. Thus from a picture of a face, as well as from a live face, some yet more abstract visual representation must be established which can mediate recognition despite the fact that in real life the same face will hardl

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