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Business law

Ted Brown and Jim Green have been discussing going into business together for several months, and they are
anxious to start that business before the end of this month. However, both Ted Brown and Jim Green each
have to be out of town for several weeks on other business, so Ted Brown has told his son, Theodore, who is
16, about the discussions with Jim Green and has appointed Theodore to complete negotiation of the final
details of the business. Jim Green has told his son James, who is 18 years old, about the discussions with Ted
Brown and appointed James to complete the negotiations.
The business that Ted Brown and Jim Green want to create will develop an app for cell phones that will identify
family-oriented attractions along major highways so families can download the app to help in planning family
vacations. The development of the app will take 4 months, and then it will take approximately another 4 months
to fully deploy the app. As the app becomes popular, the business will solicit family-oriented businesses to
advertise on the app. Ted Brown and Jim Green have very little capital to use in the development and
deployment of the app and will probably need to raise the capital necessary to develop and deploy a quality
In your case study, address the questions below.
Can Theodore Brown and James Green legally create the business that Ted Brown and Jim Green have been
discussing? Why, or why not?
If Theodore and James do create the business, what duties do they each owe their father? Describe what
those duties mean in this case.
What factors do Ted Brown and Jim Green (or their sons on their behalf) need to consider in selecting a form
for this business?
What form of business will provide the most advantage for their venture?
What are the disadvantages of the form of business that they selected?

Sample Solution

Unfortunately, there were found some limitations while conducting this research. The first one that has to be mentioned refers to the topic of this paper and its focus on Furniture designer business. As the area of research is very dynamic, the lack of literature and reliable up to date statistics was a real obstacle, while conducting this work. This lack includes the lack of detailed reliable data on key markets, the dearth of data on establishment huge Design industry how consumers choose their designer so that marketers can know how to influence them, the lack of longitudinal research to help in identifying trends in the market, the absence of comprehensive data on cross cultural. Of course, I would like to analyze furniture designing industry broader but because of the above lacks that is not possible. The research methodology of our research area consisted of both qualitative as well as quantitative methods and major limitation of Data Collection and the type of empirical data we need: The research process will include data about the perceptions of people about the furniture designing Industry. The reason is that according to problem I am measuring how much I would be successful in creating awareness and recognition in the furniture designing industry. In order to get this, I need to know about the preferences, awareness and satisfaction of customers about the designer’s product and services and industry. For data Collection, I will develop a research questionnaire from all customers and design in depth interviews and focus group for lead user or customers. The main reason for this is, I will get more insights from lead customer because they know almost everything about furniture designing industry. Secondly, these lead customers are also the opinion leaders. For example, I will leave a feedback to our consumers and will allow them to take time to fill these questions. The consumers have to choose between multiple choice questions.

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