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Business letter to a fictional patient from a fictional provider

Termination letter

Create and post a formal business letter to a fictional patient from a fictional provider, terminating the relationship. Remember to clearly address the fictional rationale. The letter must be in traditional business letter format.

Please include a reference list citing your sources.

Initial posts should be four to five full, substantive paragraphs in length.

Part B- Advanced Directives & DNRs

Research the law of Advance Directives and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders in your state. State laws vary. To research your state law (I am in New York State), go to: (Links to an external site.).

First, name the state that you are addressing. Remember to cite the state laws (statutes, cases and regulations) in the reference list.
Second, choose and discuss three differences between Advance Directives and Do Not Resuscitate Orders in your state. Explain the rationale behind the differences.
Third, explain any different approaches you might use explaining these documents to patients and family members based on their educational level.
Should be four to five full, substantive paragraphs in length.

Part C- Informed Consent

Research NY state’s laws on Informed Consent. Then research NY state’s statutes or initiatives or proposals related to Aid-in-Dying. Clearly name the states that you are discussing which is NY. Provide an explanation of both. Then provide a conclusion addressing whether the two doctrines reconcile or interface. In other words, provide a thorough analysis of whether or not they will work together.

Sample Solution

experiences. It celebrates the love and joy the baby brought into the authors home. The author’s journey to motherhood began with a letter to Chinese officials asking if she can adopt a baby from the “big room with lots of other babies”. The babies in that room are all looked after by nannies but are missing a mother. The mother is missing something also – a baby. She travels to China to meet her new little girl and is in love immediately. Taking her baby home to America she introduces her to her family and friends for them to begin their life together. The book shows both the difficulties and happy moments as they settle into their life together. The book is set out like a love letter to her child and it shows how important to them it is that their child is adopted and how being adopted doesn’t make you any less loved than any other kid. In the end of the book, the mother reflects and thinks about the birth mother and her losses. Two Homes Picture Book/Realistic Fiction Masurel, C., & Denton, K. (2003). Two Homes. Candlewick. Two Homes is the story of a young boy called Alex whose parents are now together living in separate homes, which means Alex has two homes. It never discusses why Alex’s parents are not together, whether they divorced or never married. At Mommy’s house Alex has a soft chair but at Daddy’s house Alex has a rocking chair. In each house Alex has a special bedroom with lots of toys and friends to play with. It gives a tour of both homes, two kitchens, two bedrooms, two favorite chairs. Alex lives in the two homes, but the two homes are very similar, and he is happy in both. No matter which home Alex is in: Mommy or Daddy – Alex knows that he is loved more than anything. It is written from the perspective of Alex who travels between the two homes and provides a realistic yet positive view of having two single parents. The book is a great window which can be used to reassure children going through divorce to focus not on what is lost but what is gained. It does not focus on the reason for the separation or the two houses but just discusses how children are loved in both homes and by both parents. Two is Enough Picture Book/Realistic Fiction

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