1 Identify any areas of further investigation/research necessary and any decisions that require to be resolved in order to obtain all the information required for the SOR.


2. How will you achieve the envisioned reciprocity with Russia?

3. Identify the most appropriate business and technical strategy for managing this project and document the specific reasons for choosing that solution. The presentation should focus on the option appraisal and the report should focus on the preferred solution. Both should identify the payback stage/time.


4. There are always risks in the partnership with a Russian state-controlled entity, with all the underlying political risks, instability and inefficiencies that are implied. Russian companies operate in a vastly different arena from western corporations. Russia has reneged on deals with Western oil companies before. How would you alleviate stakeholders fears in this regard?

5. Given that the Rosneft deal would also be among the most significant attempts by a company from a country that is not an American ally to acquire United States oil fields since Cnooc what incentives could you put in place to ensure that Congress doesnot ban Russian part ownership of American oil assets?

6. How will you address stakeholders from both Exxon and the Congressional Committee who suggest that Exxon Mobil has not got a truly strategic partnership with her 33% share especially when Russia’s onshore fields in Siberia are in decline, threatening the prosperity and geopolitical clout that has come with oil wealth in the last decade?

7. It might be suggested that the heavy role of the Russian state may reduce the ability of the market by choosing the wrong company and stifling competition. Moreover, the Russian model with its larger state

controlled companies doesn’t fit with the deregulated US market. This needs to be addressed.

8. Finally, how would deal with the concern of environmentalists that existing technology does not allow quick and effective responses to spills on the shelf, regardless of depth, with depth itself a complicating factor, especially in cold waters, as in the Arctic. Additionally there are concerns that there are possible negative consequences for future climate change negotiations in this deal.

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