How an organization can motivate its employees to maintain/increase their productivity

Discuss how an organization can motivate its employees to maintain/increase their productivity and performance without significantly increasing employees’ compensation. Additionally, as a compensation consultant, how would you develop market value for positions within your organization? Propose a compensation plan to ensure that rewards (i.e., wages, benefits, and other compensation) match job duties, tasks, and responsibilities.

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External Stakeholders


Stakeholders are individuals or groups that have an active interest in an organization. Stakeholders and stakeholder groups typically include employees, vendors, communities, government agencies, customers, investors, and lenders. Different stakeholders have different interests, attitudes, and priorities. Effective communication ensures that they receive relevant information and develop positive attitudes to your organization in the scenario.

As the regional marketing director of a theme park, you are in the process of designing a phased marketing strategy for reopening all parks after a safety incident. You have already helped other marketing directors understand the importance of having a good marketing mix to inspire customer loyalty; now help them with a stakeholder communication plan. Develop a communication plan that will ensure stakeholders understand the steps the organization is taking to benefit them.

Three aspects to consider for effective stakeholder communication are the interest of stakeholders in the organization, the impact of the reopening decision on stakeholders, and the relevance of information going to stakeholders.

Complete the communication plan for the stakeholders of the organization in the course scenario. Refer to the Exemplar Communication Grid for an example of how the template can be used.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Identify the three key stakeholders (a minimum of one internal and two external groups) in the reopening of the park.
Internal Stakeholders
External Stakeholders
Use the Communication Grid Template to complete this step.
Identify and analyze the information about each stakeholder group and their need for communication. Use the Communication Grid Template to complete this step. Consider the following points:
Stakeholder’s interest in the park’s reopening
Assessment of the impact on stakeholder (low, medium, or high)
Information and communication needs of the stakeholder
Communication methods to and with the stakeholder
Identify two crisis communication methods for communicating with stakeholders.
What forms of communication can be used to quickly communicate with internal stakeholder groups?
What forms of communication can be used to communicate with external stakeholder groups?

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Disadvantages of the form of business

Ted Brown and Jim Green have been discussing going into business together for several months, and they are anxious to start that business before the end of this month. However, both Ted Brown and Jim Green each have to be out of town for several weeks on other business, so Ted Brown has told his son, Theodore, who is 16, about the discussions with Jim Green and has appointed Theodore to complete negotiation of the final details of the business. Jim Green has told his son James, who is 18 years old, about the discussions with Ted Brown and appointed James to complete the negotiations.
The business that Ted Brown and Jim Green want to create will develop an app for cell phones that will identify family-oriented attractions along major highways so families can download the app to help in planning family vacations. The development of the app will take 4 months, and then it will take approximately another 4 months to fully deploy the app. As the app becomes popular, the business will solicit family-oriented businesses to advertise on the app. Ted Brown and Jim Green have very little capital to use in the development and deployment of the app and will probably need to raise the capital necessary to develop and deploy a quality app.
In your case study, address the questions below.
 Can Theodore Brown and James Green legally create the business that Ted Brown and Jim Green have been discussing? Why, or why not?
 If Theodore and James do create the business, what duties do they each owe their father? Describe what those duties mean in this case.
 What factors do Ted Brown and Jim Green (or their sons on their behalf) need to consider in selecting a form for this business?
 What form of business will provide the most advantage for their venture?
 What are the disadvantages of the form of business that they selected?

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Intro To Business

Wanda thinks the domestic market has been flooded with start-up companies offering gourmet dog biscuits. But she believes that perhaps she has a real opportunity to grow her business by participating in the global market. She has heard of other small businesses “going global,” but she isn’t sure what that would entail.

Your Task
Conduct research on taking Salty Pawz into the global economic environment, into a global market and then present your research to Wanda detailing what it would take for her business to go global.

Begin by identifying four key issues Wanda should consider before expanding Salty Pawz globally, using global business issues discussed in the text for this course as your reference. It may be helpful for you to think about these four issues as major questions that will need to answered in order for Wanda to make a sound business decision on whether or not to take Salty Pawz global. For example, does Wanda need to consider cultural issues because not every culture has the same attitude toward pets as people in the United States do? Are there legal restrictions on exporting food products to certain countries or restrictions on their import in the destination country?

For each issue present the following:

Describe the issue and provide evidence to support any conclusions or recommendations that you give Wanda—your evidence could also serve as resources that Wanda could use to learn more about each of the issues.
Explain why each of the four issues is important and the implications they have for Salty Pawz. Be sure to address the characteristics, opportunities, and challenges of operating a business in the global economic environment.

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Quality products, services and solutions to internal and external customers

  1. Write about how you have Customer Focus: Works collaboratively to provide quality products, services and solutions to internal and external customers, meeting expectations. Gains respect of both internal and external customers.
  2. Write about how you have Decision Making: Ability to research a topic area or troubleshoot a problem, collect, organize and interpret data; derive logical conclusions from available information and make a logical decision in alignment with the strategy and goals of the department.
  3. Write about how you have Initiative: Looks for and acts on opportunities. Is proactive and self-motivated. Originates action and follows through with commitments. Actively impacts events and looks for ways to improve a situation.
  4. Write about how you have Achieving Results: Accomplishes tasks, manages priorities, and is bottom-line oriented. Perseveres in the face of obstacles. Establishes appropriate priorities and completes assignments. Takes ownership of responsibilities and actions.
  5. Write about how you have Stewardship : Is an ambassador for the company who demonstrates respect, fairness, sound ethical judgment, a commitment to compliance, and loyalty to the integrity of the Company; is supportive of Company-related decisions; exhibits active engagement as a teammate and community member; supports Company and community initiatives.
  6. Write about how you have Job Specific Skills: Successfully performs all assigned job duties and tasks; uses knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet or exceed all job-related accountabilities.
  7. Write about how you have Communication: Delivers timely written and oral messages in a clear, concise, and easily understood manner to an appropriate audience. Provides others with the rationale behind decisions, actions, goals, etc. Listens and seeks to understand others’ points of view. Uses tact and diplomacy when communicating and interacting with others. Establishes rapport with others.
  8. Write about how you have Teamwork: Develops, fosters and maintains mutually beneficial relationships within and across teams and departments, supports team members, breaks down barriers and actively involves others to meet goals.

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Business Plan

Imagine you have to work on a business plan as a group. Business Plan will contain the sections and components common to typical business plan models.

Background: You are a project manager with a national nonprofit health organization specializing in a single class of disease. Senior leadership of the organization has asked you to put together a mobile health promotion outreach program able to reach a diverse population from inner-city areas to rural communities. Focal to this program is a vehicle for promoting and providing screening activities. The group chose: “The American Heart Association and hypertension”.

Write your part about the “Description of product or service” including important factors like:
Cultural and language issues across locations
Patient flow
Sanitary needs, sterilization
Vehicle issues – maintenance, wear and tear costs, insurance, and fuel.”

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Company Management

Let’s assume you work for a small company that exports products. Suppose your employer wants to use an export management company (EMC). Your boss decides you will become the liaison to work with the EMC. In this exploration you are going to research EMCs and report on your findings.

Research the various steps and procedures necessary to use an EMC and how different EMCs work. Write a short report explaining what you learned about EMCs (you can format and phrase as though you are writing to your prompt if you wish).

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