The Patty Hearst story

Using a minimum of 350 words address the following:

  1. Check out the Patty Hearst story online through any Internet search engine. Do you think she was a spoiled rich girl out for kicks who freely joined the SLA, or did she do what she had to in order to survive?
  2. Patty subsequently married and has two grown children. What, if anything, does that say to you about Patty’s “transformation” into a gangster?
  3. Look up the phrase Stockholm syndrome and explain how that may apply to Patty.

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The Fourth Amendment and violations its remedied

Studying the Fourth Amendment and how violations of the Fourth Amendment are remedied. Focus your discussion on the following:

  1. Review the following scenarios. Scenario 1: Sally is suspected of selling drugs, and police officers decide to retrieve a trash bag that Sally has left on the roadside curb. The officers discovered drug paraphernalia and heroin and charged Sally with possession of heroin.
    Scenario 2: Billy suspects that Katie is having an affair. He hires a private security firm to track her movements. Employees of the security firm enter Katie’s open garage and search the contents of her car while she is inside sleeping. They take a notepad that contains intimate photos of Katie and her new boyfriend.
    Scenario 3: Marcus was spending the night at a friend’s rented house. His friend Grant left the house to pick up some pizza. While Grant was out, the police knocked on the door and stated that they had permission from the landlord to search the premises. They did not have a search warrant. Marcus said that was fine with him and invited the officers inside. The officers found cocaine in an upstairs drawer and arrested Grant when he returned with the pizza, charging him with possession of cocaine.
    Answer the following questions for each scenario:
    o Has a Fourth Amendment violation occurred in the scenario? o If so, what remedies could the accused have? 2. Locate a case from your state in which a court has analyzed an illegal seizure of evidence that violated the Fourth Amendment.
    o In your own words, provide a summary of the case, as well as its citation. o Do you agree with the outcome of this case? Why or why not?

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Decision-Making in a Crisis Case Study

The SWIM team has hired you as a consultant to monitor, analyze, and make recommendations that would steer the sustainability of the organization. You have been present during the decision-making process for their conference. They have asked you to present your assessment and recommendations. Your report is organized around the following framework.

Identify areas of strength. Include your reasoning for classifying the areas as strengths. Offer some suggestions on how they can expand these areas further. (300 words)
Offer an analysis of their conference process and provide recommendations that would help improve their process. Provide rationale(s) for your choice(s). (400 words)
Identify 3-5 consequences of the resolution(s) you recommend. (300 words)
Offer suggestions on processes SWIM can use to develop contingency plans in the future? (400 words)
Explain why you believe it is difficult to engage in decision-making in organizations. (300 words)

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How current criminal justice professionals are addressing the trend

choose one of six from the six articles describing the topic or trend and

2) You will reflect on how it could affect you in your future career in criminal justice.

Describe the trend presented in your selected articles and how it affects the field of criminal justice,
Explain how current criminal justice professionals are addressing the trend presented in your selected article, and
Reflect on how you believe this trend will affect your future career in criminal justice taking into account your unique strengths and weaknesses.

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Preliminary investigations

Preliminary investigations do not necessarily yield enough information to prosecute a criminal case. Despite a thorough preliminary investigation, many cases require a follow-up investigation.

For this assignment, select a recent criminal case in your city or local geographical area from the past six months. Consider how you would investigate this case.

Write a 3–4-page paper in which you:

Assemble a set of guidelines based on your textbook readings for conducting a preliminary crime scene investigation for this criminal case.
Discuss at least one way data mining can be used in order to conduct an efficient follow-up investigation for this case.
Identify the major crimes in this case and specify the reporting procedures.
Consider the four most important characteristics of an effective criminal investigator and discuss the level of effectiveness that was brought to this case by the investigator. Was the investigation effective? Where could there be improvements?
In what way can law enforcement investigators conduct efficient and effective investigations while maintaining the rights of both the victim(s) and the accused(s) in a criminal case?
Cite three references from the past two years. Note: Wikipedia and similar types of websites do not qualify as academic resources.

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The Mark of a Criminal Record

The Mark of a Criminal Record This is an article by Devah Pager. It is an experiment that highlights the devastating consequences of imprisonment on life chances and reintegration. Having a record reduces the chances of success for everyone. Yet, the outcomes are felt more on the poor and on the minorities. The reading has been used by Congress and has become an instant necessity for social sciences, like criminal justice. Think about these questions. What impressed you the most about her experimental methods? How do the findings impact minorities and whites differently? What can be done to alleviate some of the negative consequences of incarceration?

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Criminal justice system.

Write a 13 page well organizes essay on a public policy issue (gender-based violence), with respect to crime
and the criminal justice system. It will examines the goals, objectives, planning, implementation, and outcomes
of current criminal justice policies.
Topic will be “gender-based violence” (see attached “Step 1, Outline) – the paper should use this outline and
grow from it. Note that this is only step 1; paper must answer all steps 1-7.
Mention briefly why or how “gender-based violence has been on the rise over recent years”. Moreover, is
gender-based violence actually on the rise or are more incidents being reported?

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Criminal investigation or court hearing

  1. Why did you pick the particular video presented in your presentation? What does this video teach us about the topic of Theft crime the video addresses?
  2. Based on the video, give an example of how this topic of theft crime is evident in an actual criminal investigation or court hearing. Be specific about your example: what are the facts of the case for your example, how did the facts in the case meet the elements of the theft crime of your video example, and what problems in the investigation or case occurred in the efforts to prove the Theft crime?
  3. Based on the video and the example given in Question #2, what needs to be done by law enforcement when investigating an Theft crime such as this example to help prove a case or investigation like this one.

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