Cultural change

F​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​or each of these three initiatives 1. Cultural change, 2. Risk Management, 3. Empowerment, answer the following questions. ? Why this initiative is important for growth? ? What changes would you recommend to address this initiative? (training, adoption of standards, changes to procedures and/or policies, etc.) ? What resources are available to help you implement this initiative in a fire department? ? How much cultural resistance would you expect and how would you manage the change associated with the impl​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​ementation of this initiative? Write a minimum of five pages that compiles your answers into one document.

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“Culture and environment of safety” look like when preparing and administering medications

What should the “culture and environment of safety” look like when preparing and administering medications?
Discuss a common breach of medication administration.
Identify three (3) factors that lead to errors in documentation related to medication administration.
What can I do to prevent medication errors?

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Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

Deliverables: How do these apply to your professional life as a young professional entering the work force (personal application). Begin with an introduction on the importance of a young professional understanding and learning the following concepts to be successful in the business world.
• What are the most relevant concepts from the course to you?
o Course concepts
 Why collaborative teams are important
 Managing conflict
 Understanding differences among people (ex: cultural differences)
• Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions
• How do you anticipate those concepts impacting you professionally?
• How will you apply these concepts to your future work?
o How and why it is important to be a part of a team in the workforce, and how does this lead into managing effective teams in the future
o The importance of leveraging and building trust in this new virtual environment while still maintaining valuable relationships among peers
• What from this course has made an impact on you personally or professionally as you have progressed through this course?
o Leadership, communication, and learning
 How have you grown in leadership, communication, and learning because they are always important factors at play no matter what
• What from this course do you anticipate having the greatest impact on you professionally as you move forward in your career?
o How to be a future team leader
o A team leader as an educator
o Measuring team competencies (project management, networking, use of technology)
o Innovation and leading innovative teams
• What will you do differently from now on and how will this help you as you approach your career journey as a young professional?
o The approach: always be learning, and have an obligation for hunger

The important criteria in this paper are application and specificity. Your success in this paper will depend not only on how well you demonstrate an understanding of concepts, but on how well you can apply them to real world situations. The more specificity you bring to your discussion, the better the application will be. However, as this is a highly personal paper, it is acceptable—and advisable—to write in the first-person. Think of this paper as telling a story—a personal one about you and your work.

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Race ethnicity and nationality

In the readings for this week, we have been talking about the social construction and intersection of race, nationality, and ethnicity.
How does you rown race, ethnicity, intersect to shape your social identity? How does your social identity impact your “frame”?
How do your experiences compare or diverge from the examples in this week’s readings?
How does it align with and/or challenge the cultural myth of “The American Dream”?

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Safety culture

Create a paper that includes a completed risk assessment tool for the organization of your choice. Include in your paper a brief description of the organization (A managed service provider in the IT industry, providing IT and security services to customers/clients ranging from healthcare organizations, law firms, and manufacturing plants) including its industry, operations and customer/clients. Use any risk assessment tool or template that you are comfortable with, or select one of those available from the resources below. This risk assessment will be the baseline from which you will create and implement policy in future assignments.

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Cultural Artifact Analysis

Explain the reasoning and possible influences for choosing a particular artifact.
Examine the influence of your personal experiences on your reaction to the artifact.
Describe the artifact objectively by considering that others will have perspectives different from your own.
Examine how the similarities and differences between your culture and the culture conveyed in the artifact may have influenced your reaction to the artifact.
Interpret the artifact using details from the artifact to support your response.
Reflect on what you learned about how culture shapes our perspectives and impacts the decisions you make about the meaning of the cultural artifact.
What to submit/deliverables: Cultural Artifact Analysis submitted in a Microsoft Word document.

What is the value of doing this assignment? This assignment gives you the opportunity to practice the skill of problem solving and self and social awareness as you analyze how your personal experiences and perspective influence how you make decisions when examining artifacts that illustrate diverse and ethical perspectives

Choose a cultural artifact and analyze it using the strategies you’ve learned in the first three weeks of the course. You’ll explore how your own personal experiences and perspective may have influenced your reaction to the artifact. By using these strategies, you’ll be better equipped with information to help you make more objective and informed decisions, solve complex problems and think through situations related to diversity and ethics, and build relationships and collaborate in the workplace and at home. As you follow these steps to analyze a cultural artifact, you are actively practicing the process of thinking through a problem and breaking it down into its parts, helping you to become a better problem solver across the board!

Additionally, self and social awareness and articulation are critical in navigating the workplace and working with others, whether at work or at home. This assignment will leverage what you have learned in the first three weeks of the course to continue to explore information about the human experience and understand what perspectives you hold and how they impact the choices and decisions you make. In Assignments 2 and 3, you will be able to take the insights from this assignment and apply them to explaining the perspectives of others and collaborating with your fellow classmates toward a common goal. All along the way, you will continue to hone your self and social awareness skill to help you engage with others more effectively and more compassionately.
Practice your problem solving and self and social awareness by analyzing a cultural artifact and examining how your personal experiences and perspective influence your reactions to that artifact and how you make decisions about it.

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Cultural Dimensions

Research and write a paper analyzing the cultural perspectives of doing business in another nation. What are the major elements and dimensions of culture in this region?

How are these elements and dimensions integrated by locals conducting business in the nation?

Cultural Dimensions

  1. Communication
  2. Religion
  3. Ethics
  4. Values and Attitudes
  5. Manners and Customs
  6. Social Structures and Organizations
    Format of assignment: APA Format
    Number of citations: 10 citations
    Acceptable sources include references from reputable professional and/or scholarly

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The culture of the organization for potential challenges in incorporating the nursing practice

Assess the culture of the organization for potential challenges in incorporating the nursing practice intervention. Use this assessment when creating the strategic plan. Discuss culture of your organizations and what are the potential problems.

Write a strategic plan (150-250 words) defining how the nursing practice intervention will be implemented in the capstone project change proposal.

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Pop Culture Bites

Choose an article from the list below. (Clicking a title will open the article in a new tab.)

Elden Ring: Why Elden Ring Should Have an Assist Mode
Cancel Culture: Cancel culture is not real – at least not in the way people think by Sarah Hagi
Books vs. Movies: Why You Should Always Read the Book Before Watching Its Screen Adaptation
Star Wars: ‘The Mandalorian’ Is the Future of ‘Star Wars’
Harry Potter: The Time Has Come to Let Go of Harry Potter
*Alternately, you may choose your own article, as long as the topic is relevant to your degree program/industry. The article should be 1100-1500 words long, and it should be from a reputable website (ex: The New York Times, Wired, Rolling Stone, Keep in Mind: You will need to find an article with a clear and strong opinion and will need to find an article with an opposing opinion in week two.

*If you are unable to access the articles via the list above, click the file below for information about searching for them through the Full Sail Library database.

How to Search for Articles in NexisUni
303 KB

  1. Read the article carefully using the critical reading strategies discussed in Week 1’s reading.
  2. Write a 300–400 word summary of the article that includes the following:

An introduction that identifies the article’s topic, author, and thesis (central claim/position)
A paragraph discussing each main point
Key ideas/examples that support each main point

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