5 sniffing tools and 3 sniffing techniques

Choose 5 sniffing tools and 3 sniffing techniques and provide detailed analysis about the differences between each.
Research and Write:
After choosing 5 sniffing tools and 3 sniffing techniques, provide a detailed analysis of their differences in a 3-5 page double spaced paper with citations. For each technique, describe in detail what the technique is, how it’s used, and for what purpose. How can the different techniques information be used to present a bigger picture in terms of the information you are obtaining?
As you research consider:

  1. Why so many tools?
  2. What makes them unique?

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ARP Poisoning

Describe what ARP poisoning is and how it could be used at a coffee shop to intercept usernames and passwords.
What is ARP?
What is the purpose?
Provide a diagram of a typical ARP attack
Describe 4 methods that can be used to prevent or at least limit the chances of this type of attack from happening in public locales.
What is the difference between ARP spoofing and ARP poisoning?
Given the new normal of working from home, is this type of attack still as important a tool as it was a year ago for example? Why?

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The use of the network, database management system, software, and cloud service technologies

A project plan outlines recommended approaches to the use of the network, database management system, software, and cloud service technologies. Because industry best practices dictate transparency in terms of selection criteria and their importance to a specific project, a project plan should also include the criteria by which the recommended approaches were selected, along with the benefits to the project that each is expected to deliver.

This week you draft a project plan for the project outlined in your business proposal in Week 1. Complete all sections of the Project Plan Draft template, including, recommendations on network technology, database management system, software applications, and cloud services.

Sample Solution

The rapid proliferation of the internet

The rapid proliferation of the internet, website, and social media advertising has disrupted the marketing process in a variety of ways. Some companies have been able to adapt to new business models while other companies struggle.

Select one company that has successfully adapted to changing markets and one that has not successfully adapted to the changing markets. Compare how the companies responded to eCommerce and the digital market.

Create a 12- to 16-slide presentation to share your findings in which you:

Describe each company. (Apple Inc.and one other company for comparison)
Summarize the strategies pursued to engage the digital market. Consider the 5 P’s of marketing: products, price, promotion, place, and people.
Summarize the successes and failures of each company.
Explain ways each company could have been more successful with the transition to digital marketing.

Sample Solution

Cybersecurity Strategy, Law, and Policy

“With the help of your team, the company has been making tremendous progress with its technology solutions,” says Eliza, your CTO. “In fact, the implementation of our proposals has been so successful, that the National Security Council (NSC) has asked us to contribute to the next National Cybersecurity Strategy.”
Eliza asks you to help draft a resource that she can share with the NSC. First, she wants you to read the 2017 National Security Strategy and get her up to speed on what you see as its strengths and weaknesses. Then, she will need your recommendations on several issues detailed in a memo to follow.
The chief technology officer (CTO) has indicated that your organization has been requested by the National Security Council (NSC) to comment on the upcoming National Cybersecurity Strategy. The NSC has asked for specific recommendations as it relates to the next cybersecurity strategy, private/public partnerships, and comments on how specific technologies should be incorporated into the assessment.
Part 1: National Security Strategy and Cybersecurity
After reading the National Security Strategy (2017), comment on the following.
-Should the United States create a separate cybersecurity strategy to be published alongside the National Security Strategy (NSS), or do you feel the NSS is sufficient? Why or why not?
-Consider your answer in the context of the original National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (2003). What is not adequately addressed in the National Security Strategy (2017) as it relates to cybersecurity?

Sample Solution

Designing a Wireless Network

Refer back to the Design Document and include the appropriate information under the “Reliability Requirements” and “Security Requirements” sections. Consider the security issues in hardware and software architectures of wireless devices as you complete these sections:

  1. Define all security threats associated with wireless networks, including energy jamming, (DOS), carrier sense exploitation, RACH flooding, access management protocol exploitation, and rogue access points.
  2. Align the threats identified above with the security measures and configurations that can be deployed to protect 802.11x wireless networks and the transmission of data across them. Describe the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of these measures and configurations.
  3. Compare the security measures associated with 802.11x wireless networks (Wi-Fi) and other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, RFID, and Cellular. How would you test to make sure there are no security gaps when deploying multiple wireless technologies?
  4. What are the best encryption methods (block or stream) you can deploy on an 802.11x wireless network to protect user authentication and data?
  5. Consider that most businesses allow administrative employees to take laptops or other devices out of the office to work from home. Businesses should consider how to prevent viruses on their network brought in by employees and placed on the network. Think about how you would plan a wireless network to accommodate these aspects for your assigned business.
  6. Each business has unique guidelines that must be considered when addressing security requirements. Address the following federal guidelines below (and any others that you come across in your research) that relate specifically to your assigned business.

Sample Solution

History of cryptography from its origins

Evaluate the history of cryptography from its origins. Analyze how cryptography was used and describe how it grew within history. The writing assignment requires 2 pages to evaluate the history. You must use a minimum of three scholarly articles to complete the assignment. The assignment must be properly APA formatted with a separate title and reference page.

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The problem statement should be a clear, concise statement of exactly what needs to be addressed. This is not easy to write! Asking yourself the following questions may help:

  1. What appears to be the problem(s) here?
  2. How do I know that this is a problem? Note that by asking this question, you will be helping to differentiate the symptoms of the problem from the problem itself. Example: while declining sales or unhappy employees are a problem to most companies, they are in fact, symptoms of underlying problems which need to addressed.
  3. What are the immediate issues that need to be addressed? This helps to differentiate between issues that can be resolved within the context of the case, and those that are bigger issues that needed to addressed at a another time (preferably by someone else!).
  4. Differentiate between importance and urgency for the issues identified. Some issues may appear to be urgent, but upon closer examination are relatively unimportant, while others may be far more important (relative to solving our problem) than urgent. You want to deal with important issues in order of urgency to keep focused on your objective. Important issues are those that have a significant effect on:
  5. profitability,
  6. strategic direction of the company,

Sample Solution

A Vulnerability Analysis

Analyze various types of assessments and explain why a vulnerability analysis is important in increasing the overall security posture of an organization.

Research Presentation:
For this assignment, please prepare an 8-10 PowerPoint slide presentation using independent research on an organization that you are very familiar with (is it your current place of employment?) or continue to research your organization from week 1. This presentation should be prepared from the standpoint of the board of directors who may or may not be technically astute as you. How will this alter your presentation so that the information will be understood and make sense to this group?

Your presentation should:

Describe how you would approach a vulnerability assessment for your organization
Why is such an assessment important
Explaining the various types of assessment you would utilize
How and why you feel these types would be appropriate
The information you would expect to see as a result
Finally, how this could data be used to help increase the overall security posture of your organization

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