Harry Potter (John Williams)

Film Music
Listen to the five excerpts (and only the first five minutes of each).

These are examples of movie soundtracks, specifically opening title sequences and main themes. The title sequences are meant to invite the viewer into the ambience of the film, and “set up” the nature of the film itself, while the main themes are meant to signify the main idea of the film or its main character.

1 – Interstellar (Hans Zimmer)

https://youtu.be/UDVtMYqUAyw (Links to an external site.)

2 – Belle (Rachel Portman)

https://youtu.be/yox68tHEEvI (Links to an external site.)

3 – Spiderman (Danny Elfman)

https://youtu.be/1f5ykkGJvMU (Links to an external site.)

4 – Halloween (John Carpenter)

https://youtu.be/pT4FY3NrhGg (Links to an external site.)

5 – Harry Potter (John Williams)

https://youtu.be/Oban0vQYy7o (Links to an external site.)

Provide a response (approximately 200–300 words per example) to the following questions for each excerpt:

Describe what you feel the music is attempting to convey. Do not describe the film itself, but what aspects of the film the music is attempting to convey. What kind of film is this? When is it set? What can you guess about the protagonist?

How is it doing so? Use terminology learned in this course to support your argument. (Go back to the module on Function, and note how I describe the TV theme music).
This assignment is not about describing the film or the use of music in the film itself —a much higher weight is placed upon the second question!

Sample Solution

Small-Scale Literature

A literature review is a descriptive summary of other people’s research on a topic that has previously been studied. The purpose of a literature review is to inform (not persuade and not argue) readers of the significant knowledge and ideas that have been established on a topic. Its purpose is to compare, contrast and/or connect findings that were identified when reviewing researchers’ work without commenting on it yourself. Oftentimes, literature reviews are written to ground a study in a particular context of what is already known about a subject in order to establish a jumping off point for new research questions.

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you some practice synthesizing information from multiple texts by teaching you key tranisition phrases, introductory statements, and the use of paraphrase and summary. This practice will help you research a topic so you can learn to (1) identify and formulate an inquiry question that defines what you’d like to learn, (2) systhesize and analyze information found in academic journal articles, and (3) summarize what is already known and what is currently debated.

For this assignment you are asked to complete a small-scale literature review on an topic of your choice from within your intended major. You are asked to locate at least 3 academic journal articles on your topic and write a 3-4 page literature review (with full MLA citation and formatting) on the articles you’ve selected. This is not an annotated bibliography. You will be referencing all three articles throughout the review rather than dealing with them one at a time.

Steps to complete your small-scale literature review:

Choose an educational topic from your field of study hat you are interested in learning more about.
Formulate an inquiry question that specifically describes what would like to know about your educational topic.
Go to the library to search for and locate journals that include your topic’s information.
Visit the library either in person or via the library website and use resources to find articles, read the abstracts and skim the articles to determine if they correspond well to your topic AND inquiry question. Please make sure your articles offer differing perspectives. It does little good to use three articles that all say the same thing.
Select at least 3 journal articles and download or copy them for close reading.

Sample Solution

Develop a thesis on literary works

Argue a thesis comparing/contrasting two characters from any two literary works below.
Literary works:
1) https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/44266/mending-wall
2) https://learn-us-east-1-prod-fleet02-xythos.content.blackboardcdn.com/5c17fe2f895b7/23212362?X-Blackboard-Expiration=1658772000000&XBlackboard-Signature=bHEWyBj83%2BMvwR%2BwuRZGJjSFYyXfQDbnylTyFPl17Wg%3D&X-Blackboard-Client-Id=315342&response-cachecontrol=private%2C%20max-age%3D21600&response-content-disposition=inline%3B%20filename%2A%3DUTF8%27%27oconnor_aGoodManIsHardToFind.pdf&response-content-type=application%2Fpdf&X-Amz-SecurityToken=IQoJb3JpZ2luX2VjEF4aCXVzLWVhc3QtMSJGMEQCICEzi%2BVYxPErO1ZtvZLEFyy%2FzyQk%2BC2vQxwry7SNcgzMAiBCKBxpuHqJTYuQP0oAeNFS6BAmz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Date=20220725T120000Z&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Expires=21600&X-AmzCredential=ASIAZH6WM4PLUAC6RH2K%2F20220725%2Fus-east-1%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-AmzSignature=7144126b805b95c3a966a20f09e0ba39d8792dfe547a72dccc479209bd2bf7fa

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Essay is on Hamlet. Topic is about how Hamlet got Betrayed in the play. Make sure to have in book quotations and make sure that they are not summarized.

Sample Solution

“The Story of Steve Jobs and Tim Cooke You Didn’t Know About”

Assignment 1

Part 1: Read the Case Study on p. 23. Then view the YouTube video, “The Story of Steve Jobs and Tim Cooke You Didn’t Know About”. Combine the information in the case study and in the chapter with the information from the video and answer the questions at the end of case study. You must include observations from all three sources in your answer. Each case study should be 3 pages, double-spaced.

Part 2: Take all the self-assessments in Chapter 2. (2-1 through 2-6) Did you gain any insights about yourself from them? If so, which ones? Explain what it is you learned, or alternatively, explain why you think the assessments did not provide you with any new insights. This response should be one page, double-spaced.

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Critiquing quality of the literature reviews

Critique quality of the literature reviews conducted for two different types of studies- a quantitative and qualitative research.

• Identify and discuss the research questions, sampling and sampling sizes, research designs (qualitative vs. quantitative), hypothesis, data collection methods, and research findings.

• Discuss the credibility of the sources and the research/researchers findings.

Sample Solution

“Royal Dutch Shell Finally Delivers Big Stock Buyback, But Shares Break Support”

In the short article “Royal Dutch Shell Finally Delivers Big Stock Buyback, But Shares Break Support” by Aparna Narayanan (see below), stock repurchases may produce favorable effects on key financial ratios.
Narayanan, A. (2018, July 26). Royal Dutch Shell finally delivers big stock buyback, but shares break support. Investors Business Daily. Retrieved from https://libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=bth&AN=131003207&site=ehost-live&scope=site
After reading the article, address the prompts below.
Include an introduction that summarizes the article.
Analyze the importance of stable dividend policies.
Determine reasons behind stock repurchases.
Analyze how individual financial metrics are specifically affected by stock repurchase plans and returns.
Should be at least two pgs in length, not counting the title and reference pgs

Sample Solution