Violating the duty of confidentiality

George is leaving his civil litigation position it has been interviewing with other firms I do the same sort of work. Doing his interviews George has been discussing the cases he works on so that he will not get involved in a conflict of interest problem with his new employment. Should George tell prospective employers about the clients he has worked for who are contemplating silver litigation but who have not yet filed a complaint? How can George clear potential conflicts without violating the duty of confidentiality?

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Students’ opinions

Assume you are doing exploratory research to find out students’ opinions about the purchase of a new mobile device, such as any smartphone, Apple iPhone (latest) or an Apple Watch. What information would you need to collect? What types of questions would you use? Suggest six to eight questions you would ask and indicate in what sequence you would ask them.

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The importance of brand names

Assume you are conducting a study to determine the importance of brand names and different features of Automobiles such as Cars or Bikes. What types of questions would you use—open-ended, closed-ended, or scaled—and why? Suggest six to eight questions you would ask and in what sequence you would ask them.

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Industrial production

Write a short essay that explains how these five elements all related to each other as they caused the rapid growth in industrial production:

Illustrate how the five elements relate to the process of industrial production.

· Electricity

· The assembly line

· Mass production

· The internal combustion Engine

· Increased wages for European workers

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Managerial approaches

Grey (2017) argues that managerial approaches which have arisen from Human Relations Theory, particularly that of Culture Management, are similar to Bureaucratic approaches in that they are still about instrumental rationality and control, and in fact are more subtle and devious forms of control. Even if he is right, does it matter and why? Explain your answer with reference to relevant academic literature and practice.

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Management question

A small group of nurses, employed at a large community hospital, were unhappy about their work environment and would meet daily during lunch to discuss the situation. There had been a recent change in the hospital’s senior management, which caused a high level of uncertainty and anxiety among the nursing staff. The nurses felt overworked due in part to the industry’s current nursing shortage. Their wages and benefits had been stagnant with no salary market adjustments for the past two years. The nurses saw the situation as management requiring them to do more work with fewer resources, with no appreciation or recognition of their efforts. Whenever the nurses approached management with their concerns, they perceived them as falling on deaf ears since no changes were made.

Feeling like they had no other choice, the nurses contacted a labor union. The labor union began an organizing effort in the hospital shortly thereafter, holding an aggressive campaign over a six-week period. There was tremendous peer pressure, as some of the well-respected nursing staff became active leaders for unionization, although they were not part of the initial group of nurses who had first contacted the union. The election was held and the union was voted in by two thirds of the nursing staff. In the weeks that followed, the original group of nurses remarked that they were surprised by the union’s victory; they had only wanted to “scare” management into making changes to their work environment.


  1. Why were the nurses motivated to contact the labor union.
  2. Describe and analyze the leadership style displayed by management to the nursing staff.
  3. Compare and contrast formal and informal groups. (Note: include in your answer (1) why management needs to be aware of informal groups within their organizations, and (2) why people join informal groups).
  4. Who displayed power(s) in this case and why?

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