“A Critical Note on ‘The Rise of Illiberal Democracy’” by Jørgen Møller

Read, review, and respond to the Required Unit Resources article “A Critical Note on ‘The Rise of Illiberal Democracy’” by Jørgen Møller. You should provide a short summary of the article and state whether you agree with the author’s main points. Make sure you address the following points in your review.

Describe the different types of governments and political systems.

Explore the various components of the American political system.

Identify the influences of power, authority and legitimacy.

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Examples of scriptural references in the Constitution

  1. Explain the problems confronting the Constitutional convention in 1787, how they were addressed, and the role of God in the creation of the Constitution.
  2. Barton gives several examples of scriptural references in the Constitution. Name any two principles, give the complete text of the applicable scripture, and explain how this constitutional principle does, or does not, work in practice today. Give specific examples.
  3. Barton gives four examples of political issues, based on the Ten Commandments, which receive God’s highest priority. Select any one political issue and discuss how it is either in or out of compliance with God’s law. Discuss a specific court case related the political issue and the applicable commandment.
  4. According to Barton’s presentation, the government should not be involved in meeting the needs of the poor. Cite a verse in the Bible that instructs us how to help the poor. Give an example of how you, your community, or your church serves the poor. Compare this to a similar government program. Who provides a better outcome to the recipient? Explain.

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Choosing A Political Party

Oftentimes people choose their political parties based on their backgrounds, their family preferences, or because someone told them what fit them best. However, we are all individuals, with individual preferences which are all valid and valuable. An interesting has been developed in order to assist individuals in determining the political parties and candidates that most align with their own beliefs and values. Follow the link below and answer the questions .


a 200 word

-Who did you side with the most (you may state that you prefer not to say)?

  • What percentage did you side with them?
  • Did this result surprise you? Why or why not?

You do not have to include cited references for this activity.

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Richard Nixon’s personality

Richard Nixon served as Vice-President of the United States from 1953 to 1961, and as President from 1969 to 1974. He was the only person to be elected twice to both the Presidency and Vice Presidency. In 1969 Americans had joined together in pride over the lunar landing and Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon.

Yet Nixon’s personality may have played a part in his eventual demise. He believed the United States faced grave dangers from the radicals and dissidents who were challenging his policies, and he came to view any challenge as a “threat to national security.” As a result, he created a climate in which he and those who served him could justify almost any tactics to stifle dissent and undermine the opposition. He has been described as being a devious, secretive, and embittered man whose White House became a series of covert activities. On August 9, 1974, Richard Nixon became the first chief executive in American History to resign, because of his role in the Watergate scandal.

Some Americans viewed this as an indication that the system worked. They were proud of the way the US political system had weathered the crisis and peacefully transferred power. Others worried about the further erosion of popular trust and belief in their government. Regardless, when he left office the nation remembered an administration that had been discredited by the Agnew and Watergate scandals. Watergate has come to define Nixon’s presidency

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Reproductive choice such a controversial political issue

Why is reproductive choice such a controversial political issue? Do you think the fact that most issues of reproductive choice center on women and women’s bodies have contributed to the belief that government has a role to play in managing reproductive choice? Are there any aspects of male health or sexuality that are equally politicized? Should it be a political issue at all?
Margaret Sanger’s campaign to legalize birth control was met with sometimes violent protest by those who objected that she was essentially promoting lewd behavior. Why do you think people were so strongly against her campaign? What were people worried would happen if women gained access to birth control?
Like Margaret Sanger, feminism (and Women’s Studies) has traditionally supported a pro-choice position on abortion. Do you agree with this position? What would a pro-life feminist position look like?
below are links to use from classroom material:


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“The personal is the political?”

What does it mean to you to say that “the personal is the political?”
What are some of the ways women can gain political power? Why is it important for women to have a voice in government and policy? Why is it important that women exercise their right to vote?
What reasons does Susan B. Anthony give in “Constitutional Argument” for why women need to be acknowledged as citizens with equal rights (including the right to vote) under the constitution?
Should women be considered as a voting group? What are the arguments for and against thinking about women as a single constituency?
What do you think would be the most effective way to move more women into political office, particularly on the national level?
Did this reading help you gain a different understanding of the term “body politics?” How are women’s bodies politicized?
How are gender roles and expectations connected to violence against women? What role do governments and political organizations have in finding solutions?

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Byzantium continue the traditions of the Roman Empire

  1. In what ways did Byzantium continue the traditions of the Roman Empire, and in what ways did it diverge from Rome and become its own unique civilization? Be sure to use specific historical evidence to support your answer.
  2. As head of the Catholic Church, the pope is considered a religious leader, but to what extent were medieval popes political leaders as well? Discuss the role medieval popes played in politics. Be sure to use specific historical evidence to support your answer.
  3. Discuss how Muslim scholars of the Islamic Golden Age adapted and expanded upon the philosophical and/or scientific traditions of Classical Greece. Be sure to use specific historical evidence to support your answer.
  4. How might Charlemagne have been trying to create a new type of leadership while still integrating Roman and Christian values of previous leaders?
  5. How did the Black Death fundamentally change medieval European society in terms of religion, economics, culture, and/or class structure? Be sure to use specific historical evidence to support your answer.
  6. In what ways did Italian Renaissance scholars embrace classicism and build upon it to create new schools of thought?
  7. Why did Europeans engage in “voyages of discovery” during the 15th century, and what social and economic impacts did these voyages have on Europe, Africa, and the Americas?
  8. Discuss the main tenets of Lutheranism, how these tenets challenged the Catholic Church establishment, and how the Catholic Church responded.

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Control Charts And Presidential Polls

Provide examples of some practical applications of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and control charts that you could use to monitor your health, the performance of your car, or the performance of some other system you use in your personal life. How about in your work life? How would you use that information? Discuss why it is important for managers (or anyone else) to know whether a variation in system performance comes from common cause variation or special cause variation.

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