Website or app

•Pick a website or app
•What is its main purpose? What is it trying to accomplish for the user?
•What aspects of its design that Norman discusses (affordances, constraints, feedback, etc.) facilitate this?
•Suggest one feature or change that would improve the way the website/app.

Sample Solution

A hash algorithm

A hash algorithm will take any size input and generate a certain size hash that is (hopefully) unique to the input. If one character is changed, then the hash will change also. This is used to test the integrity of a file. If you create a hash on a file and someone downloads that file, when they generate a hash, if it is not exactly the same, then something was altered during transit. This could come from a packet drop or if the file was altered by something else, like a man in the middle attack. If the has stays the same, then the file is exactly the same. This can be used on a file system too. You can generate a hash for a file and then if that hash changes at any point, the file has changed it some way. This can be used to detect intrusions to a system.

In this project you will use FileVerifier, a tool that will compute hashes on single or multiple files.


  1. Read and execute the instructions for Hands-on Project 1 starting on page 371.
  2. Write a paper describing your experience and project results. Describe challenges you encountered.
    Paste the screenshots into your paper. For each screenshot, describe in DETAIL what is taking place.
    Save and upload your assignment file here to Canvas.Also, you’ll need my first and last name. Which is Tamanna Tanjum

😊😊😊😊Sample Solution

Python questions

Why would you use a tuple instead of a list, and vice versa?

Your friend writes a Python program to automate a network configuration task. The code has 500 lines without any defined function. The code works fine when he or she clicks on the “run” button in the IDE. Do you think there is anything wrong with this code? Why? Do you think functions are necessary in Python codes?

Sample Solution

Java using Eclipse IDE for Java developers

Write a Java program which displays a menu to allow user the following functionality:

  1. Load employees’ data – prompts user for the number of employees to be loaded and then
    prompts for each employee name, id (5 digit number), and annual salary
  2. Add new employee – prompts user for an employee data, name, id, and annual salary
  3. Display all employees – displays each employee’s data to the console, one employee per line
  4. Retrieve specific employee’s data – prompts user for the employee id and displays the
    corresponding employee’s data: id, name, and salary
  5. Retrieve employees with salaries based on range – prompts user for the lowest and highest
    salary and displays all employees with salaries in that range. Display each employee on separate
    line with all information – name, id, and salary
  6. Exit
    Design and implementation notes:
    o Each menu selection should be implemented as a separate method
    o Employees’ data should be saved in arrays, you can allocate for maximum 100 elements
    o After completion of each selection, program should display the menu again to allow user
    another selection until they select Exit

Sample Solution

Hash table

Develop the code to store the student records for student members of a club. You can pick the club type/name. You can expect the membership to start at 20 students but possible grow to 40. Each member’s record contains their name, 7-digit student ID number, and the year they joined the club.

Store the members in a hash table using closed addressing and chaining.
Determine an initial size for the array of buckets.
Create at least 20 examples of student records.
Determine your hashing function algorithm
Insert the 20 student records into the hash table.
(Display step) Develop a method to visually display the number of buckets used and the number of collisions. Your output should be similar to what we discussed in the lab on Wednesday January 29, 2020.
Add code to delete a student from this data listing and delete 3 students.
Repeat the display step

Run this program 2 more times using an array that is half the size of the first run and then again with an array that is twice the size of the first run.

Analyze the results of all 3 runs and write a paragraph explaining your observations. Include this paragraph as a comment at the end of your code.

Sample Solution

Java programming project

Solve the subset-sum problem.
Define the new class(es): GroceriesFileReader, SubsetSum class(es)
Practice using the java.util.ArrayList class.
Test the class ShoppingBag
Get in the habit of dividing larger projects into smaller parts.
Use EGit features such as commit and clone to write and read from your repository.

Sample Solution

C++ Program Convert 12-hour to 24-hour

Define and implement a C++ class named TwelveHourTime that converts 12-hour time (including AM/PM) to 24 hour time. Your class’ constructor must accept a string argument and you must work with methods of the string class to determine if the time provided is valid or not. You must define an exception class called InvalidTime which the class TwelveHourTime will throw if the data entered is not valid.

Make your class support the following code:

TwelveHourTime sevenAM( “7:00 AM” );
cout << sevenAM << endl; // converts to twenty four hour time and prints “07:00”
TwelveHourTime eightPM( “8:30 PM” );
cout << eightPM << endl; // converts to twenty four hour time and prints “20:30”
TwelveHourTime elevenPM( “11:30 PM” );
cout << elevenPM << endl; // converts to twenty four hour time and prints “23:30”
TwelveHourTime elevenAM( “11:00 AM” );
cout << elevenAM << endl; // converst to twenty four hour time and prints “11:00”
TwelveHourTime bad( “asef32422” );
// the previous line should throw an InvalidTime exception
} catch( InvalidTime ) {
cout << “caught error as expected” << endl;

Sample Solution

Algorithmic Trading In Python

Build and backtest the strategy described below. Write a short description of what you did and explain any interesting results. There are two deliverables, both uploaded files. Upload your code, either as a .py file (what I use) or as a .ipynb (Jupyter Notebook). Upload your short description as a separate file (pdf, doc, etc.).

If you use Jupyter Notebook, you may combine the deliverables into one file. Put the explanations at top and the code at the bottom. Make it look good and easy to read. This is the biggest advantage of Jupyter Notebooks over other IDE’s.

Your short description should include:

  1. What assets? What dates, etc.
  2. Description of strategy
  3. Select a graph from the output to include and explain it. What is the main message, etc.

Sample Solution


Using the Java code for the selection sort provided on the geeks for geeks site; selection sort
modify the code to display the array each time there is a change in the array elements to show the steps of the
selection sort as it progresses.

Sample Solution

MIPS simple program

I’m working on a assembly language exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Write a program containing two functions main and pow2. The main main function must call the pow2 function with the current parameter 10.

The pow2 function takes a single parameter, a positive integer, and calculates the value of the expression 2^x (pow2(x) = 2*x) recursively. The pseudo code to translate is given below.

Fonction pow2(exposant x):
if x < 1
return 1
return 2*pow2(x – 1)

Fonction main()

Sample Solution