Cognitive Psychology – Psychology script Report

A Psychology script, trial files and stimuli will be attached below. Download all the files. Your task will be to run the experiment on yourself, calculate your mean response times for each condition, and write a 2000 words report about the experiment..
Using the Psychology script to find the relevant information, your report will include a short abstract (150-200 words), introduction of the topic (600 words) the methodology of the task (600 words to include design, material and procedure) a result section (200 words including data collation) and discussion (400
words) with references (not included in the word count). Word counts for each section are suggested only.
In appendix, you will have to include a screen shot of the original data file showing your p-number(P2415946) and date-stamp (see Figure 1), and a final screen shot showing your calculated means (see Figure 2).

Sample Solution

Addiction among athletes

After watching the video on addiction, share your thoughts on the opportunities and challenges of working with athletes who are dealing with an addiction. Discuss the impact of the athletic culture on the prevention efforts, interventions, and responsiveness to treatment.

Near-death experience

Define the concept of a “near-death experience”. Discuss the role of near-death experiences in providing information about what happens after death. Describe what the experiences are like, and then explain why they may or may not tell us what the afterlife may be like. 600 word if possible

Sample Solution

Methamphetamine Epidemic

Please follow the link to watch the video:

Please watch the video provided in the link at the bottom of this page. After watching the video on methamphetamines please answer the following questions in your discussion post.
a.) What factors turned meth from an “Oregon” problem into a national epidemic?
b.) In what ways have politicians influenced the meth epidemic?
c.) If you were in charge of solving the meth epidemic, what would you do?

Sample Solution

Emotional intelligence

Respond to the following:

Our readings this week informs us that our emotional intelligence begins its development during the period of attachment as an infant and that Physical and emotional expression is what draws people to us or makes them avoid us . . (Segal, 2008, p. 25). Even though emotional intelligence begins to develop in infancy, it continues to develop well into adulthood. This week’s reading assignment suggests that we are able to improve our emotional awareness and emotional intelligence in order to improve our ability to communicate and build relationships with others.

What are some ways in which emotional intelligence is involved in effective communication? Why is it important?
What might make improving our emotional intelligence difficult?
What recommendations would you give a co-worker who wants to improve their emotional intelligence?

Sample Solution

Income status and chronic illness

Does income status lead to chronic illnesses? What are the epidemiological aspects behind our nation’s issue
with our poor health? What can be done about it given the fact our nation’s poverty rate is fluctuating
depending on who you talk to

Sample Solution

Group counseling

In 200 words each, please respond to the following. Please utilize a scholarly resource to create your reponse. It is okay if the same resource is utilized in each response. Please utilize the prompt as a heading.

Include intext citation and references

  1. As a group leader how would you convert conflict and resistance into positive energy that powers the group?
  2. How do you manage family members that overstep their boundaries?

Sample Solution

Drug addiction

There are many different theories regarding the reasons that people become addicted to drugs and engage in substance abuse. Different theories may emphasize the biological, social, or psychological aspects of substance abuse. You are asked to compare two different theories of drug dependence. Some examples of these theories are the disease model, physical dependence model, and positive reinforcement model. You may also research other theories that address the question of why certain people become addicted to licit or illicit drugs. Choose two of the theories of addiction and write a report that covers the following information:

A brief explanation of each theory
An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each theory
An identification of specific drug-addiction treatment approaches that are compatible with each theory

Sample Solution


Read The Blog Post:
Try to identify Allie’s (the author’s) symptoms from each of the 5 main areas of functioning affected by depression that were discussed in the Chapter 6(attached below). Be specific in which parts of the blog lead you to think that a particular are of functioning is being affected.
For any areas of function were there is no evidence from the blog that it is being affected, if you were Allie’s therapist what would you ask her in order to find out more about that area of functioning?
What treatment (or treatments) would you recommend if Allie were your client? (If you don’t use a treatment approach that has a lot of evidence to support it’s effectiveness you should have a very compelling reason or you’ll lose points on your post.)
Why did you choose this treatment approach for your client? (Typically this will include describing the evidence that your chosen treatment will be the most effective option available for this particular client.)
How would your treatment recommendations change if Allie had manic episodes as well as depressive episodes? If you changed your recommendations, why did you do so? (Again, there is evidence to support particular treatment methods so you should use the approach with the most evidence to support it unless you have a very good reason not to).

Sample Solution