A public health issue in the United States today.

Research and discuss a public health issue in the United States today. Write a paper that addresses the following:

Explain why it is a public health issue and what is currently being done to address it at the local, state, and federal levels.
Discuss any applicable health policies and regulations that may be in place to address the issue.

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Public health issues on the “Climate Change”

Research public health issues on the “Climate Change” or “Topics and Issues” pages of the American Public Health Association (APHA) website. Investigate a public health issue related to an environmental issue within the U.S. health care delivery system and examine its effect on a specific population.

Write a 750-1,000-word policy brief that summarizes the issue, explains the effect on the population, and proposes a solution to the issue.

Follow this outline when writing the policy brief:

Describe the policy health issue. Include the following information: (a) what population is affected, (b) at what level does it occur (local, state, or national), and (c) evidence about the issues supported by resources.
Create a problem statement.
Provide suggestions for addressing the health issue caused by the current policy. Describe what steps are required to initiate policy change. Include necessary stakeholders (government officials, administrator) and budget or funding considerations, if applicable.
Discuss the impact on the health care delivery system.

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Challenges in public health.

Report: Choose any three current challenges in public health. The challenges can be local, global, or a combination of any of these. Create a brief one to two page report as an overview on the topics you choose. Include a reference page, and use APA 6th ed. format for citations and references. You only have to use APA format for the citations and references.
PowerPoint: Create a 5 page PowerPoint with key talking points that you would use if you were presenting the topics to other health professionals. Include the following:
The community public health issue you chose with a description of it
Factors that contribute to the issue
Available data
Possible interventions that can be made by community health workers

Sample Solution

Public health matters.

To serve as an expansion upon your discussion. As you have read, public health offices throughout the nation are woefully underfunded and often restricted in their ability to create meaningful community interventions based upon the financial status of the state in which they are located. With that in mind answer the following questions:

Explain what you believe is the basis for the ongoing tension between the powers of the federal government and the powers of the states in public health matters. Explain your answer using at least one scholarly source.
The 2015 median per capita expenditure for health care services, as reported by the National Center for Health Statistics, is $9,255; of that money, approximately $40 of it is allocated to public health offices. What does this mean is the focus of the U.S. health care system? Explain your answer using at least one scholarly source.
Less than 25% of all local health department directors have graduate degrees related to public health (e.g., M.P.H., D.Ph., etc.). As you are in the process of earning an advanced degree, do you believe this is an issue or that graduates of public health programs could be better utilized elsewhere? Explain your answer using at least one scholarly source.
Describe the critical policy issues related to access to care, quality of care, and cost of care. Explain your answer using at least two scholarly sources.
Using credible resources of your choosing and recalling what you found in Week One, find the most up to date per capita spending your state allots to public health efforts and compare that number to the amount spent per capita on healthcare in general. How do the numbers compare? Please use Alameda County
How many hospitals and outpatient clinics are in and around your community? (within a 30 mile radius)
How many of those hospitals offer emergency services?
How many of those hospitals and clinics offer CT scans, MRI’s, ultrasounds, and X-rays?
How much does a state-of-the-art MRI machine cost?
How many public health offices are in and around your community (within a 30 mile radius)?
How large is the total population of your community and its surroundings within a 30-mile radius?
Calculate the ratio of hospitals to people versus public health offices to people.
How much does a comprehensive coordinated school health program cost for 1 year (hint: read this week’s Instructor Guidance)?
After this research, do you feel money is being well spent in your community? Explain your answer?
Look further into the problem with these questions, and cite sources when utilized.

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Health concerns for a population

Step 1 Research health concerns for a population of your choice.
Use the Center for Disease Control to guide your research.

Step 2 Post a response to the discussion board. In your response, address the following prompts:

Describe one health concern and one health statistic of this population.
Discuss one cultural aspect of this culture.
Discuss the potential nursing role in the implementation of a recommended culturally sensitive intervention.

Sample Solution

The American Public Health Association

According to the American Public Health Association (n.d.), public health is defined as promoting and protecting the health of people and the communities where we live. Public health informatics is the systematic application of information, computer science, and technology to public health practice, research, and learning (CDC, 2014). The two concepts are important because they build bridges across siloed public health work areas by “translating” between these communities, creating opportunities for interoperable information pathways”. Assess the roles of informatics in public health and EHR. Include the following aspects in the discussion:

1) Discuss the similarities and differences in public health informatics and clinical informatics.

2) Provide an example of a reporting system and registry in public health and describe them in detail.

3) Why is it important to address population health? 4) Why is EHR important in public health informatics?

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The influence of control versus dependency, physical health, negative life changes

In this unit’s Discussion Boards, you will discuss the influence of control versus dependency, physical health, negative life changes, and social support on older adults’ psychological well-being

Adults in the last stage of their lives often prefer to spend time doing favorite activities and socializing with those who are close to them. By this stage, most adults are retired and living a life that can become complicated by new choices such as type of living arrangements or loss of freedoms (e.g., driving). Use the information from your Reading to respond to the following questions.

Using one of the theories in your Reading, why do you think an older adult might choose to live in the same house that he/she has occupied for most of their adult life, rather than moving into an alternate living arrangement such as assisted living or with relatives? Explain.
Why do you think that some adults become depressed and anxious during this stage of life while others remain positive and active?
Propose a plan for addressing an age-related concern for a group therapy session (e.g., stage of grief; loneliness; reminiscence; etc.).
In academic, research and clinical settings, colleagues often openly review each other’s work. After evaluating your classmates’ proposed group therapy session, what suggestions would you offer to better facilitate their plans? Remember that psychologists often work on teams, so use this opportunity to build interventions as a team.

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Select a peer-reviewed article on culture and health from Killam Library databases. Complete a biography paper including the following elements listed below. You will summarize the selected peer-reviewed article into your own words. When completing this assignment, you must provide references, from peer-reviewed articles on culture and health from Killam Library databases

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