Research Analysis

LENGTH: At least 10 pages of text, not counting References or Works Cited list (no specific upper limit for length of paper; the length of your paper may vary)

GUIDELINES: Please compose a paper that demonstrates your ability to pose a specific research question relating to your area of interest, and to provide the answer to that question that you arrived at through your research. Think of your audience as a relatively specialized audience, in contrast with the more general college-educated audience to whom you may have directed your writing for English 101. After all, what all of you have in common – different as your particular majors are – is a specialized discourse community of which you are becoming a member, and with which you will be communicating throughout the rest of your educational and working life.
Throughout the semester, you have been conducting research regarding your field – both the relatively general research needed for the discipline awareness report, and the more specific research necessary for the research proposal and the literature review exercise. Now, you will build upon that work by discussing what you found through your research. Was the answer that you found to your research question what you expected it to be? How? And why, or why not?
To put together this final research project, you will be combining the three major papers that you have already written, with some new research and conclusions of your own. Recall that in the past, you have written the following:
A Discipline Awareness Essay, in which you looked at peer-reviewed scholarly articles, trade journal articles, and general-interest articles to get a sense of contemporary developments and general areas of concern in your field overall;
A Research Proposal, in which you selected from among those general areas of interest to choose a specific topic that you would research and study this semester; and
A Literature Review, in which you reviewed, analyzed, and commented upon relevant scholarly literature pertaining to the topic that you chose to study.
Now, for the Final Research Project, you will combine these three course elements with a fourth course element:
A Findings Report, in which you utilize first-hand primary-source research of your own to arrive at your answer to your research question.
Remember: the Discipline Awareness Essay + the Research Proposal + the Literature Review + the Findings Report = the Final Research Project.
By this point in the semester, you have already shown your ability to read the research of others. I am hoping that, for this final project, you will show your ability to conduct some primary research of your own. Options for conducting your own research include the following:
Interview. Whether in person, by telephone, or via e-mail, you could ask questions of, and gain answers from, someone who has knowledge of and/or experience with your topic. For example, a person studying American policy in Afghanistan or Iraq could interview a George Mason University professor whose area of expertise is modern U.S. foreign policy, or could interview a fellow student, relative, or friend who served with U.S. forces in Afghanistan and/or Iraq.
Survey. You could use a survey form to seek out opinions, beliefs, and perspectives from fellow members of the George Mason community. For instance, a student researching the attitudes of contemporary students with regard to changes in dating norms could send out a survey asking students to share their experiences and perspectives with regard to contemporary dating.
Ethnographic observation (online). You could visit a virtual site frequented by people whose life experiences and/or interests relate to your topic. For example, a student researching issues relating to religious belief could attend a meeting of a Mason student group for whom such issues are of particular interest. By observing the group, listening to what the members of the group say, and taking careful notes regarding details of how the members of the group identify themselves as part of the group, what insider terms or key language they share, what signage or documents can be seen at their meetings, etc., you can gain a strong sense of what the members of the group find interesting and important, and can connect those perspectives with what you have already learned through your prior studies.
As the fields in which you work are diverse, you may use either APA or MLA documentation, according to your preference. Please be aware that it might be a good idea to try to utilize the form of documentation that is and will be customary for upper-level courses in your major field, and/or for written work in your future professional career.

Sample Solution

Research ethics in qualitative research

Research ethics in qualitative research starts with the presumption that the research process is the collaboration between researcher, participants, and context. At the same time, the researcher recognizes that she or he retains power over the data collection process, and the analysis and presentation of results.
As a qualitative researcher, consider how you might accomplish your research objectives and biases with the feelings and privacy of your participants and sources.

For this Discussion, you will explore the ethical challenges you will encounter as a qualitative researcher

Sample Solution

Research on a newer malware variant

  1. Using a Web browser, perform some research on a newer malware variant that has been reported by a major malware containment vendor. Using a search engine, go to the vendor’s Web site; this could be Symantec, McAfee, or any of their competitors. Visit one malware prevention software vendor. Search for the newest malware variants and pick one. Note its name and try to understand how it works. Now look for information about that same malware from at least one other vendor. Were you able to see this malware at both vendors? If so, are there any differences in how they are reported between the two vendors?

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Research on the effect of COVID -19 pandemic on this company

Do research on the effect of COVID -19 pandemic on this company. Answer the following questions in detail based on your research: How has the current COVID-19 pandemic aFfected the operations of this company? Do they have parts or inventory shortages? Do they have to shut down factories or warehouses? Do they reduce their production/service capacity? Do they shift production from one geographic location to another? Your answers must be factual, well-thought, and clear. You must clearly explain the timeline of events and the actions the company has taken thus far.

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The research theory

Define the research theory according to the textbook (GRM597-The research process)
Paper details:
Compare and contrast the various types of research. Types include: nonexperimental, true experimental, quasi-experimental research.

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The theoretical basis

An important step in a dissertation is the theoretical basis that might help explain and shed light on why the problem is happening. For example, if we want to know how different groups responded to the implementation of a new teaching strategy in higher education, you might consider theories related to adult learning.
Discuss the theoretical framework you think helps explains your topic and problem you will address in your dissertation. Remember, this will also be cited in the literature as well, so make sure to include scholarly resources from a peer reviewed journal.

Sample Solution

The Research Plan

Now that your team has crafted a Strategic Integration Plan, it’s time to test your solution. To examine your solution’s potential beyond a specific industry, your team will create a research plan that prepares you to test your solution by considering its usefulness beyond the original context you were given.

When you chose your team problem at the beginning of this course, you were provided with a hypothetical organization to use as context for solving the problem. However, not all organizations you will work for in the future will narrowly fit into one organization or industry. Work through the following steps to draft your research plan.

Identify two other industries or types of business likely to be affected by your team’s problem. Support your choices with research (cited in APA format).
What strengths and weaknesses does a broader context provide to your proposed Strategic Integration Plan?
Does context dramatically alter your overall strategy or detailed implementation plan?
Testing the Solution
After you’ve gained an understanding of the broader context, test out your plan by considering the questions below. You will address the questions by problem area of effect. You may also add one to two further questions of your own, based on your team’s work so far.

How can your organization, a large car manufacturing company, implement a strategic plan to virtuously engage with emerging technologies without increasing employee inequity?

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