Research Methods

in this section describes the approach as thoroughly as possible including the following:

Research Approach (Exploratory vs Hypothesis-Based)
Research Design (Qualitative vs Quantitative vs Mixed Methods)
Research Methods utilized
Include a discussion of considerations such as internal or external validity. Also include a discussion that provides justification for the choices you have made with respect to the proposed approach.

Sample Solution

Discovery Research


The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report (Links to an external site.) revealed that Sub-Saharan (SSA) economies continue to register impressive growth rates of about 5% below only emerging and developing Asia. This discovery research provides exposure and practice to key measures that impact economic performance.


  1. Conduct a literature review and then share your discoveries in the discussion. Let the discussion scope guide your discovery research. You are required to have at least three resources.
  2. Initial post
  3. Define Sub-Saharan Africa
  4. Identify the top five economic performers in the SSA region using the following key measures. Be sure to cite your references to justify your selection, while assessing the key measures for each country.

§ public institutions

§ clear property rights

§ strong judicial independence

§ infrastructure

§ education/innovation

§ efficient government.

  1. Now that you have researched the key measures, take on the role of a consultant. The SSA economy managers have asked you which of the key measures can be improved.
  2. Identify two key measures that can be improved.
  3. Provide at least one persuasive recommendation for each key measure.

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Criminal Research Project

o Identify and share your perspectives concerning one area or aspect of your work
developing your Criminal Research Project that you found most challenging.
o Identify and share your perspectives concerning one area or aspect of your work in
developing your Criminal Research Project that you found the easiest.
o Identify one major personal “takeaway” or learning outcome that you found most
valuable in developing a Criminal Research Project.

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Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

What is a probability distribution?
What is a continuous probability distribution?
What are the differences in the various types of sampling?
Discuss the concept of confidence interval.
What factors will you consider when determining sample size?
Provide an example from business for the usefulness of confidence interval and sample size determination

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Research report

Write a 1-2 paragraph description of the material selected for the project. The report should contain brief
explanations of all the following parts:
Note that some of the parts below contain several sub-questions(*)
(A)Structure of the material
*Both atomic and common microstructure
(B)Important properties of the material
(C)Processing methods for the material
(D)Application of the material
It should also have proper spelling and grammar and include citations in APA format
Also if you are having trouble finding any of the information for the report please include what information you
can’t find.
The paragraphs should include at least 1-2 sentences about each of the following: structure, properties,
processing, and application of the material.
The material for the research report is: “Shape Memory Alloys”(metal can be plastically deformed, but return to
its original shape by heating it up)

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Business Research Methods

Textbook: Business Research Methods 11th Ed. D.R. Cooper and
P.S. Schindler

Based on the content for week 4, we continue working on the case study “NCRCC: Teeing Up a New Strategic Direction”

Go to the survey attached to the case study:

  1. From studying chapter 12 content, and reading the case study survey, then select randomly five questions from the survey and identify the type of measurement scale (chapter 12) used in each question. Suggest using a chart in your response.
  2. From studying chapter 13, then select three open-ended questions, three closed questions, and three measurement questions from the survey. Suggest using the following chart:




For instance:

(1) Please, provide any comments and suggestions you may have regarding the future direction of the club.



Closed questions




Measurement questions




Sample Solution

Research Salmonella.

In a one to two page paper:

Explain the characteristics that make up Salmonella.
Discuss transmission routes between various strains of Salmonella.
Include what the different transmission routes are used for.
Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each transmission route.

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Qualitative Research Approaches Matrix, Part I

In order for you to select the qualitative research approach that best fits your research question, you will need
to develop a deeper familiarity with the approaches available to you. This week’s Assignment is the first of a
two-part activity designed to broaden and deepen your base of knowledge of qualitative research approaches.
While the activity does not encompass all possible approaches, it does allow you to explore the eight most
common approaches you are likely to encounter and may wish to consider for yourself.

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Annotating your reference list

Why is annotating your reference list with particular attention to how the source fits in your field of study as well as how it relates specifically to your dissertation topic so important. Why is having 25 or more resources important for your research? No more than 200 words and internet reference only please.

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Scholarly/Academic Research

What is Scholarly/Academic Research? :
How to Write a Research Paper vedio:
How to Locate Relevant Sources of Information for Scholarly Research:

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