Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has developed has an answer to instability issues that have plagued the traditional, centralized financial system (see “The Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy G: The Special Case of Derivatives”). You will detail those historical issues as well as the solutions that DeFi has proposed. You should focus your discussion by using the following papers: “DeFi Beyond the Hype The Emerging World of Decentralized Finance”, “Decentralized Finance: On Blockchain- and Smart Contract-Based Financial Markets”, “Decentralized Finance: A Primer for Accounting Professionals”. You should explain how derivatives concepts also permeate the development of DeFi solutions.

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Property Investment


The best loan for a client is usually the one that is both affordable and the least costly over the chosen investment period. For this assignment you look at the client’s needs and recommend the best loan option based on the information provided.

The following Course Outcome is assessed in the assignment:

MT361-6: Recommend the best loan choice for a real estate client.

Scenario: Margo, age 35 wants to wants to get a mortgage loan from the bank to purchase a second home in Tampa, FL. She has a very successful business and currently lives in a condo in Dallas, Texas. Her income is currently $130,000 dollars a year as a physician’s assistant. She recently got an offer to join another practice for $150,000 per year.

She has lived in her condo for 5 years, and has a remaining balance of $150,000. Over the last five years, she has seen the value of her condo go from her purchase price of $300,000 to be worth $360,000 today. She has family in Tampa and would like a home she can go to when she visits her family. She has a car that she has paid off in the last five years and her FICO score is 720.

Determine and describe what property she should purchase if she wants to be near or on the ocean, and that can be rented out most of the year. You can use a common real estate website to explore options.
Explain the kind of mortgage (i.e., loan) for which she should apply based on your calculations of the housing-to-expense ratio and the debt-to-income ratio. Show your calculations.
Access the Assignment grading rubric located in the Course Resources area.

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Public safety

Consider the following scenario: On Tuesday at approximately 1700 hours, you received a complaint from Mrs. Jones that on Monday evening John, a public safety professional you supervise on the 1600-2400 shift, called her an F-ing “expletive.” As is your role, you vow to investigate the matter. Later, you pull John aside and ask him, “hey, I got a complaint from Mrs. Jones that you called her a F-ing “expletive” last night; is that true? John repeatedly denies the truth of the complaint. Upon reviewing the documentation, you determine that John’s contact with Mrs. Jones occurred at 0005 hours on that morning not “last night” as you had put the question to John. Your poor interviewing skills aside, assuming that, shortly after 0005 hours on Tuesday John called Mrs. Jones a F-ing “expletive,” did he truthfully answer your question? Why or why not?
What, if anything, does John’s response tell you about his character? Would you see the matter differently if the stakes were higher? In other words, would you be more likely to accept John’s statement as “okay” (excusable) if the offense you were investigating carried the possible penalty of termination, civil penalty, or incarceration?
Finally, is there an argument to be made that in public safety, the stakes can be so high that we should not need to be so guarded in our conversations with each other? In other words, should we have to cut off all possible avenues of deception when we communicate with each other? Should this type of deception, if we call it that, be considered a serious infraction?

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Impact and severity of the cyber-attack


Consider this scenario: A cyber-attack occurred in a healthcare organization, resulting in significant data loss. You have been called as an information security management consultant to recommend an incident response plan for this incident and will need to present it to the executive board of the healthcare organization.
Develop a 10- to 12-slide multimedia-rich presentation of your recommended incident response plan to mitigate or reduce impact to the organize and scope for this cyber-attack.
• Analyze the impact and severity of the cyber-attack by applying a business impact analysis (BIA) to the organization, including mission performance, regulatory requirements, and compliance.
• Identify the communication requirements, including criteria for escalation and organization reporting and regulatory requirements.
• Explain the process for responding to this incident.
• Describe the relationship with other organization processes and methods, such as BCP/DR.
• Recommend prioritization, resource requirements, and any opportunity created by the event.

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Major effects of depressants, stimulants

Describe the major effects of depressants, stimulants, cannabinoids, hallucinogens,
opioids, and inhalants on the human brain and biological and physiological processes of
the body.

  1. Understand the procedures and process for assessment and diagnosis of substance
    use disorders (SUD).
  2. Analyze and apply the diagnostic criterion and distinguishing features between the
    degree of the disorder (mild, moderate, or severe).
  3. Analyze and discuss the major medical issues and diseases that are either caused by
    or exacerbated by substance use.
  4. Describe the genetic, biological, environmental, social, psychological, and philosophical
    influences of addiction.
  5. Understand the special needs and treatment recommendations for individuals with dual
    diagnoses/co-occurring disorders and/or poly substance use.
  6. Analyze and apply the main techniques, strategies, or approaches of common treatment
    options for SUD.
  7. Explain the typical risk and protective factors that impact different populations, including,
    but not limited to, children; adolescents; adults; the elderly; women; men; lesbian, gay,
    bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) people; people with disabilities; and different
    ethnic groups.

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Introduction to Algorithmic Trading

(1) Download at least 3 years of daily prices of a financial instrument other than S&P 500 ETFs.

(2) Use the SmallrTree.m script to estimate a regression tree that predicts the 1-day return and uses the 1-, 2-, 5-, and 20-day returns as potential predictors. Submit a picture of the regression tree in your report.

(3) Modify the SmallrTree.m script to backtest a strategy that takes a long position based on the path (in the tree from question 2) that yields the highest expected 1-day return, and a short position based on the path that yields the lowest expected 1-day return.

For example, the below tree suggests a long position for days when the 2-day return is less than 1.53% and the 1-day return is less than -1.39%; that path yields the highest 1-day expected return of 0.47%. A short position should be taken on days when the 2-day return is greater than 1.53%.

(4) Modify the stationarityTests.m script to run the ADF and variance-ratio tests, estimate the Hurst exponent, estimate the half life of mean reversion, and backtest the strategy discussed in class. The strategy calls for a dollar amount of a position equal to -1 * (price – its moving average )/its moving standard deviation.

(5) Which strategy seems to be more profitable? Why?

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The turbulent 1960s

The turbulent 1960s saw numerous attempts to identify the root problems within American society and the role of citizens in resolving them. In examining Document 4, Document 5, and Document 6, what common problems are identified within American society? What are some of the differences? What role did each of these documents suggest Americans should play in achieving social justice? Are their arguments persuasive? Why or why not?

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