Hours spent on social media platforms and children’s social skills

You are a researcher interested in the correlational relationship between the number of hours spent on social media platforms and children’s social skills (e.g., emotional regulation, conflict resolution skills, cooperation skills, social perspective taking). Do you predict a positive or negative correlation between the two variables? Explain the directional relationship between the two variables in terms of whether you predicted a positive or negative relationship between variables. What do you think the correlation coefficient would be between the two variables and why?

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The “Hackable?” podcast episodes

  1. Select one of the “Hackable?” podcast episodes, listen to the podcast and read the related article: https://www.mcafee.com/en-us/consumer-support/podcast.html
  2. Give a summary of your episode/topic:
  3. Use one of the websites below to create a “Public Service Announcement” cartoon based on your case study.
    • A public service announcement is an advertisement to raise awareness of an issue.
    • Your cartoon isn’t just a summary of your case study…. It should be an advertisement to the public about the issue presented in your case study.
    • Or any other site or tool you want to use
  4. Paste your comic strip below. (Hint: Right-click copy, or Screenshot & paste, crop out anything extra).

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Cultural narrative speech

The Cultural Narrative Speech is an introduction speech that allows you share something about a culture or subculture that you identify with. It could based on race, ethnicity, or something like “surf culture.” Some examples would be a dress from a Quinceanera, surf board, etc.. You don’t need an object, you are just discussing the culture.

You can discuss what it is, it’s history, how long it has been part of your life, how it connects to your culture and yourself, and anything else you think is relevant. It’s most important though that you connect culture with how you think, act, see the world and see yourself.

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Houston’s top chefs.

Research 2 of
Identify what makes them famous (Are they a James beard Winner, Celebrity Chef, reality TV winner, other award winners, famous social media personality, etc)
List 2 restaurant operational challenges that most businesses are concerned about in 2021.
List 2 solutions that the management team can do to reduce turnover rate and labor shortage in restaurants?

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The complexities and challenges of International Intervention

Why do UN-ledhumanitarian missions tend to fail or are less successful? Examine the case ofDRC or Darfur, or Haiti or Rwanda or Somalia, Cambodia
Analyze the issue by locating it in the proper context (theoretical, historical, regional, national, etc.), and discuss the relevant implications, effects or significance of the problem or issue that you are examining.
In addition, students are encouraged to consult the Encyclopedias of the Third World, The World Bank’s World Development Report and the UN’s Human Development Report published by the UNDP every year since 1990. You should also have access to a writer’s guide. One possibility is: J. Buckley, Finn hint The Canadian Padres Guide to Essay Writing

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Language Learning Contexts Presentation

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation for primary reading teachers or parents of young children in which you emphasize principles of language acquisition as it pertains to reading development by describing an exceptional at-home or classroom learning context for primary readers and writers. Describe the following environmental elements in your presentation: • Physical description and layout of primary grade level classroom or one child- and one family-centered room in a home (kitchen, play room, child’s bedroom) • Toys, technology, texts, resources, and materials • Routines, traditions, and expectations • Daily schedule • Meaningful at-home activities and interactions Include the following principles in your presentation: • Evidence of current language acquisition and literacy theories, standards, and research • Support for primary readers’ experiential, cognitive, social, emotional, cultural, and linguistic development • Meaningful classroom or at-home activities and interactions that influence children’s language acquisition and reading • The roles that sight words, the alphabet, and phonological awareness play in children’s transition from oral to written language • Support for the conversational and academic language development of English learners

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Discussion questions

  1. Choose a social media platform to analyze from a potential future employer. In this answer, name the company and list the URL. How is the company using this platform to promote their employees or ideas to the internet audience? How effective is this company in doing so based on the branding ideals we discussed in class?
  2. For your upcoming portfolio assignment, what three points are you considering discussing about yourself? What visuals do you wish to incorporate to illustrate these points about you?

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Social media policies

Congrats – you landed a job and your professional experience
is unfolding well. Now, your boss has approached you with a two-fold problem –
what to do company about social media postings and how to handle employee
social media postings

  1. Select an
    organization within your current or aspirational professional discourse
  2. Research
    social media policies for other organizations that you can draw from when creating
    your own policy. Reference your research within your policies to support your
  3. Create a
    detailed social media policy for your organization using the following
    questions as a guide:

a. Who has
the ability to post on behalf of the company?

b. How often
should they post or share?

c. What
types of content should be shared?

d. What kind
of language is acceptable?

  1. Create a
    second policy focused on employee use of personal social media accounts using
    the following questions as a guide:

a. Are they
encouraged to list your organization as their employer?

b. What are
they allowed to post or share in terms of photos and content?

c. Can they
“like” or “check in” at organizational events?

d. What
consequences are there if an employee violates the policy?

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The different exotic breeds of cats.

Goal/General Purpose: To inform my audience on a specific topic. Introduction A. Attention Getter: B. Tie to Audience: (topic background/relevance to audience)C. Establish your Credibility: (why are you qualified to speak on this topic?)D. Thesis (central idea): This sentence should clearly identify your topic E. Preview Main Points: (identify the main points you will be discussing in your speech here)Transition: (provide a complete sentence transition here; ensure it connects to the body of your speech)Body(The number of main-points and sub-points will vary based on speech length and topic)II. Statement of the first main point; you should not use a source in this sentence. A. Idea of development or support for the first main point 1. Support material (ex: stats, quotes, stories, examples descriptions, explanations, testimony, etc.- cite source) 2. Support material (ex: stats, quotes, stories, examples descriptions, explanations, testimony, etc.- cite source)B.

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Framing Theory

Questions needed to answer within paper

  • What is the topic you chose to cover?
  • Why is it an important topic or a topic of concern for your target audience?
  • What are some ways you will teach that topic?
  • Who is your target audience?
    Target audience is children aged 5-7
  • What are the unique attributes of the target audience?
  • How does that target audience consume media?
  • Will you be able to design appropriate media content specifically for that target audience? How so?

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