California Prison Hospice Cares for Inmates dying of old age

Watch the following video on prison hospice : California Prison Hospice Cares for Inmates dying of old age:

For this week’s discussion answer the following questions:

short answers is fine

Should elderly inmates be released from incarceration?
What challenges are faced when they are released early back into society?
Who should be responsible for the care of the elderly inmates either while staying full prison term or early release?

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Sexual deviance

Define sexual deviance in your own words.
Describe different forms of sexual deviance that exist.
Analyze whether sexual deviance may derive from psychological or biological issues.
Analyze whether the field of psychopathology can provide solutions to the problem of sexual deviance.

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Sociological Autobiography

One of sociology’s central tasks is to show the ways in which an individual’s life is inextricably embedded in and influenced by the social world. Using all the
sociological ideas you have learned so far in this course, write a brief reflection on yourself and your story in sociological terms. You may ask such questions
What is my social identity? In other words, what groups and categories do you belong to? In what ways do you identify yourself in social terms (i.e. by your
membership in these groups)? In what ways are these memberships relevant to you? Consider that group and categorical memberships may be anything
from a club you intentionally joined to something that was assigned to you by society (such as race, ethnicity, class, and gender).
What are the elements of my culture? In other words, how do the social formations (society, family, community, groups, etc.), which you grew up in or later
became aware of, teach people to understand and act in the world? Consider that “culture” can contain everything from traditions and customs to morals,
beliefs, and values.
Where am I positioned in my society’s structure? Recall that social structures, typically, are hierarchical ways of arranging the elements of a society –
including all the groups and categories to which you belong. How do you think this has been relevant to your life? What do you think would have been
different about your life if some aspect of your social identity had been different?

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World population growth

World population growth is both a symptom of and a causal agent for poverty in developing world countries. Because so many children die in poor nations, parents have numerous children to ensure several children’s survival. Children provide a major source of labor and income.

What are the social consequences of lowered birth rates to societies?
Is it ethical to offer monetary compensation to limit family size?
Will you force families to reduce their family size regardless of their religion, or will some families be exempt?

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Innovations in schools and the elements of a Globally Oriented school or classroom

After considering the many topics discussed in this course on innovations in schools and the elements of a Globally Oriented school or classroom, pick a topic of interest for an analysis paper emphasizing characteristics of change-adept educators and educational institutions to meet current demands. Include in your analysis paper, how the situation influences your work and how you will become a change agent and support positive change efforts. Your paper must:

Analyze the situation

State the need for innovation/systems change

State actions in progress -” Working on the work”.

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