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Character Development

Choose one of the short stories in the required reading.
Reflect and respond to one of the short stories you read by selecting one of the following prompts:

  • Imagine that you could become an omniscient character in any of the pieces you have read and could change
    the plot somehow. Describe the piece of literature in which the character belongs, and how that character
    would alter the plot. Use details from the piece to note how the plot might change.
  • Using a short story that you read in this unit, analyze a character who begins as a minor character, but
    evolves into a major character with an important role as the story progresses.
  • Using a short story with which you are familiar, examine how one character influences other characters to
  • Examine a character who embodies a dark mood.
  • Examine a character who goes through a complete mental breakdown as the story progresses.
  • Examine the attributes of a determined character.
    You should work on answering the question as it relates to the story. How you answer the initial question in the
    introduction will help you to develop your thesis. There is no need to include a summary of the story, as your
    instructor has read the stories; instead, focus on writing a reader-response essay.
    Writing Requirements
    Should be 2-3 pages in length (not counting the title page and references page)
    Minimum of two scholarly references in addition to the course textbook (The CSU Global Library is a good
    place to find these references.)
    Follow correct APA guidelines

Sample Solution

Through statistics alone, it is already evident that the English is superior to any other language within economic and business sectors across the world. Corporate giants such as Nokia and Samsung are becoming advocates for English as their “language of business”, to serve customers, build international connections, and overtake business competitors worldwide – using the English language as their lingua franca within business strategies. Even as pidgin English, consumers and business executives alike are much more likely to use the English language in plans, projects and trade deals than other languages such as Mandarin Chinese which said to be vital to global economics. This is due to the complex nature of Chinese as a foreign language, and the embedded history of English in many parts of the world due to historical colonisation. Pidgin English is a “grammatically simplified form of a language … some elements … [are] … taken from local languages … [and] … used for communication between people … [as a] … common language.” (Oxford Dictionary, 2018). ¬¬ Although the English language may be of significance within the business world, French should not be neglected as an important language within economics and education. Examining the language needs of Great Britain as a nation, there are skills which the English language lacks when referring to indexes such as current exportation from the UK, language activities of the general public, and immigration/emigration within the European and French speaking population. Results of a 2015 survey conducted by the British Council place French as the third most favourable foreign language in global trade after Spanish and Arabic, and third in the top ten most important export markets in 2012 following German and Dutch. Furthermore, 49% of British multinational corp

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