Child Development and Learning

Advocacy is a vital component of the early childhood professional’s role. Advocacy can occur on a daily basis through supportive interactions with children and their families and connecting families to needed resources. At a broader and more public level, advocacy can occur when a specific message is developed and disseminated with the goal of positively impacting the lives of children, families, early childhood professionals, and the field as a whole.

Developing effective advocacy messages requires deep knowledge of a particular topic, an effective means of delivering the message, and the ability to design a research-based message that can serve to motivate others to your cause. Over the next 5 weeks, you will design three advocacy pieces. Each advocacy piece will use a different format—a webinar, a podcast, and a white paper. Each advocacy message must be on a different topic and related to nurturing young children.

To prepare:

Select from the following topics, or choose another topic or topics of great interest to you:

· Empathy

· Self-regulation

· The role of play in social-emotional development

· Family cultures

· Resilience

· Risk factors

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