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Christian sex therapy

Option 1: What differentiates Christian sex therapy from other forms of sex therapy? Compare and contrast both approaches. You may cite from professional websites for this post, along with scholarly resources. What additional training would you recommend for those who desire to become a sex therapy specialist?

Option 2: What psychoeducation services might be offered through local churches to help identify, prevent and/or address sexual issues? What are potential barriers to offering these resources in the local church? Share with the class any resources or services currently available for local churches that you locate.

Sample Solution

3. The Importance of the Study It includes scientific importance and practical importance as follows: 1.3.1. Scientific Importance The scientific importance of the research appears in contributing to the research from this field in Libya, which is rare. Also, the contribution lies in clarifying the vital and important role of internal auditors in activating corporate governance in Libyan companies to make it successful and add value to it. 1.3.2. Practical Importance Through studying the modern role of internal auditing in Libyan industrial companies, the researcher draws the attention of management of these companies regarding the extent of the benefits of internal audit. Namely, this function has an important role in confronting difficulties and crises, and in reducing risks that the company face. Also, the study contributes in promoting the internal audit to a higher strategic level as well as increasing the effectiveness of its activities. The researcher also draws the attention that the role of internal audit which leads to more interest in presenting confirmation and consulting services about observation systems and evaluation of the operation of risk management in addition to forming good relations with the rest of governing parties. This study also benefits Libyan industrial companies in tightening observation and in developing the performance of the companies, which is positively reflected on the investment in the companies, and on the movement of Libyan financial market which then activates the Libyan economy. It is relevant to note that adventitious goal of this study which is presented in enhancing the researcher’s scientific and practical skills in the field of the job as internal auditor. 1.4. The Objectives of the Study This study aims at the following: 1. Showing how important is the application of corporate governance. 2. Demonstrating the role that internal auditing function can have in supporting of corporate governance implementation. 3. Trying to protect the assets of the company from inappropriate and criminal use and from illegal actions. 4. Evaluating the effectiveness of internal observation system. 1.5. Study Presumptions In this study, we will find out the points of view of the participants about the role that internal auditing can have in Libyan industrial companies which contribute in activating corporate governance where the study is based on the following main presumption: The function of internal auditing in Libyan industrial companies can contribute in activating corporate governance. This main presumption can be tested through the following sub presumptions: The first sub presumption: The function of the internal auditing in Libyan industrial companies can do the activities related to assessment of internal observation system. The second sub presumption: The function of the internal auditing in Libyan industrial companies can perform activates that contribute in evaluating the management operating risks. The third sub presumption:

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