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With new information continually emerging, professional nurses must be equipped to critique scholarly literature and discern its value for practice. Select one current, quantitative scholarly nursing article related to your PICOT question and determine its strengths, limitations, and potential application.

Complete the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence Based Practice Appendix E Evidence Appraisal Tool Download Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence Based Practice Appendix E Evidence Appraisal Tool. Once you’ve completed the tool, use your own words to summarize your appraisal of the article. Include the following:

Description of the purpose
Explanation of research design
Discussion of sample
Description of data collection methods
Summary of findings

Sample Solution

present safety concerns to those inside the self-driving cars, but also others on the road. As more cars are implemented on roads, there will be more reports of accidents. The importance of these surveys is that it reveals that the public would not be accepting of federal regulation. The federal regulation would give a baseline for implementing the cars onto any road in the country. Eventually, companies will have to put fleets of the self-driving cars on the roads, which will lead to more worries for the already weary public. Overall, public backlash and coverage has not been good for the government and their progress to support the vehicles. In addition to the public’s doubt, the self-driving car companies are not helping their cause. As of right now, data sharing on self-driving cars is not enforced on car companies by the government. This is a big problem, as data sharing has great importance because without it, there is no way of measuring the reliability with concrete statistics. According to Jack Stilgoe of the Issues in Science and Technology journal, “Data-sharing is not just important when machines go wrong. If self-driving pioneers are prioritizing machine learning, then we should ask why they can’t learn from one another as well as from their own data sources,” (Stilgoe). Data-sharing would help the regulation process and other car companies take great strides. With the lack of data-sharing, it’s difficult to put effective regulation on the cars. States don’t have enough information to properly judge cars just based off of accidents covered by the media.The states are not just sitting by, though. According to Jack Karsten and Darrell West of The Brookings Institution, “Many other state laws call for studies of autonomous driver systems, though no states have yet published their findings,” (Karsten and West). There may be laws, but the lack of enforcement of them is causing a problem. This problem is centered around the prominent companies that are developing the autonomous vehicles. Because of the competitive nature that is present in every industry, the companies that make self-driving cars (Tesla, Uber, Volvo, etc.) are reluctant to share their data. By publishing their studies, other companies are free to use their data and get ahead of them by learning from their mistakes and research. The companies’ approach to data sharing exemplifies their protective nature of their products. Although a chance at profit drives companies, they are halting the process of state and federal regulation. The reluctance of these companies is not only limited to data-sharing. Many automobile com

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