Communication & Cultural Studies

Communication & Cultural Studies

Project description
COMM 486 Comm. & Cultural Studies Paper Guidelines

Writing as a practitioner of critical communication studies, consider key concepts, theories, and issues. Apply them to your specific cultural artifact. The artifact can be, a practice or set of practices, a person or group of people, or a place. Your goal is to illuminate something significant about cultural and communication practices in the Artifact

1)Your artifact is the (Zapatista Landscape Painting) from Diego Rivera

2)Choose one theoretical-conceptual frameworks for your analysis. Apply and, undertake an analysis of the workings of power based on Stuart Halls Representations. You could use the concept of identity to conduct an analysis guided by Stuart Hall. You could examine the operations and effects of racist, sexist, or homophobic discourses. You could explore particular aspects of globalization and their effects. These are just a few examples of the kinds of frameworks that might assist you in examining your site. You may, of course, employ more than one concept, theory, or methodology in your analysis.

3)Conduct a thoroughgoing analysis of the site, explaining and applying your chosen theoretical-conceptual frame such as Stuart Halls Cultural identity. Be sure to support all claims you make with sufficient evidence (in the form of examples, statistics, testimony, etc.)

4)Following your analysis, draw conclusions about what you have shown. How has your application illuminated something significant or previously unknown about the site you have analyzed?

5)Some outside research is required for this assignment. But be sure to also include a minimum of four (4) scholarly sources of support from the course reader. Be sure that any source you use meets tests of clarity, significance, and credibility. All sources used in your paper must be cited and included in a bibliography, using MLA citation format.

6)Be sure your paper is clear and well organized. Your introduction should include (at minimum) a clear purpose and thesis, and a preview of how you intend to conduct your analysis. Your body should include (at minimum) a setup of the site, explication of the theories and concepts you employ, clear analysis, and relevant support. Your conclusion should include (at minimum) a summary of your findings, and discussion of the significance of your analysis for practitioners of cultural studies. Also, please edittt and prooofread carefully!

7)While quality is more important than quantity, aim for a range of 5 pages, typed and double-spaced, with appropriate margins.
Grading Criteria
The assignment is worth a possible 30 points of your final course grade, and will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Content (20 points)
Explanation of concepts, theories, and issues
Explanation of the significance and relevance of the study
Quality and depth of analysis and discussion
Incorporation of class-related material (readings and discussion)
Sound reasoning and analytic thinking
Quality of evidence and support

Mechanics (10 points)
Grammar, paragraph structure and sentence structure
Clear organization and idea development
Spelling and punctuation
Citation and reference (MLA)


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