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Community Health Nursing

Compare and contrast geographic communities, communities of interest, and communities of solution. Provide a specific example of how a geographic community can move from a community of interest to a community of solution. Provide rationale and include at least 2 scholarly references.
Using demographic information from the 2013 Sentinel City demographic database, as an example, briefly describe the target population that is served by your practice learning site. Discuss at least 2 health status indicators applicable to your target population.

Sample Solution

particularly at the city's edge" (Field 792). But the building honeymoon would soon end. When the Depression hit, many of these Detroit lots were vacated. "More than 95 percent of recorded lots in four townships in suburban Detroit were vacant in 1938," Field said (791). This statistic is jarring because "20 to 30 million vacant lots of record nationally is brought into perspective when it is compared with the 1930 housing stock, which contained approximately 30 million occupied housing units" (Field 791). When housing construction virtually halted in the 1930s, the nation's output was severely affected because housing was the largest portion of GDP investment spending. Field writes, "Real spending on new private nonfarm housing fell 89 percent from its peak in 1926 to the trough in 1933; over the same period total real spending on new construction fell 71 percent" (785). He argues that the Depression was so severe because the housing market took years to recover. Indeed, lecture explains that the housing market would not return to normal levels until World War II. "Although the technology of building profitable neighborhoods through coordinated, large-scale development was widely understood by the late 1930s," recovery was hindered by "encumbrances on locationally choice acreage" (Field 788). These encumbrances included legal and transaction costs plus the decision of whether the new builders should demolish the existing buildings or restore them (Field 788). In addition, it was often difficult to track down who owned the land. During the 1920s, housing lots were often owned by multiple individuals. This fractional ownership meant that "one overreaching individual could effectively block reassembly by holding out for a larger share of the developer's anticipated profit" (789). It could be argued that speculators in the housing market fared much worse than those in the stock market. Indeed, "many owners of record had simply walked away from their tax (and mortgage) obligations in a declining land market" (Field 789) forcing the banks to absorb the costs of their mistakes instead. The housing boom was taken as a sign that "God intended the American middle class to be rich" (Galbraith 4). Normal consumers, enraptured by the success of men like Jesse Livermore, also got caught up in the national spending spree. The PBS documentary explains that "One of the most wondrous inventions of the age was consumer credit. Before 1920, the average worker couldn't borrow money." Indeed, Martha Olney in Avoiding Default: The Role of Credit in the Consumption Collapse of 1930 says "before the 1920s, prudent families would not borrow to buy consumer goods; those families that did buy on installments apparently did so with a sense of shame" (Olney 327). However, as the documentary notes, "by 1929, 'buy now, pay later' had become a way of life." Buy now, pay later was the marketing tactic attached to installment plans, a new form

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