Competitor Analysis and Strategic Plan

Competitor Analysis and Strategic Plan

Project description
This assignment is based on the Capsim Portal. I am in the team Erie. I already did the first few part of the assignment, I will attach in the below you may feel free to take a look. all you need to do is to complete the assignment with just question 2 C and D.

Here is the questions provided by my Prof.
Your assignment is to analyze your competitors and write a strategic plan for your Capstone company:
1.Identify and analyze your two main competitors:
a.Give a short description of their current strategic position — products, segments, capital structure, source of competitive advantage, etc. Use your collection of Capstone Couriers to learn about your competitor.
b.Assess their current opportunities and threats. Given the segments in which they are operating, how big could their sales volume get (high, medium, low)? What is the profit potential (high, medium, low)? Can they gain or maintain a competitive advantage?
c.Predict their ranking for the end of the simulation.
2.With the competitor analysis as background, develop a strategy your team will pursue (your strategy will remain confidential and will not be seen by your competitors). Be sure to address the following:
a.Segments. Which segments matter to you? Why? What market share of those segments must you achieve to be an average competitor in the overall industry? For example, if you choose to play only in two segments, consider that you would need to command a higher share of those markets to be an average competitor of the entire industry.
b.Profit potential of the strategy
c.The speed at which you are creating a defendable position. For example, new products typically take two years to bring to market, while significant productivity improvements could take several years.
d.Priorities. What is most important to your company? Why?

here is the link of the capstone,


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