Conferences ans Journals to present research

Conferences ans Journals to present research

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Conferences and Journals Write-Up

Create a short information data sheet of conferences (at least 10) and journals (at least 10) for my research project titled Utilization of Clinical Risk Management Policies in U.S. Primary Care. Based on this topic and status as a student, find conferences (local, national) and journals for presenting and publishing your work later.

There is no specific format for this assignment (information data sheet), but provide basic information about conferences and journals such as when?, where?, APA style? students section? website, eligibility, participation fee, (student) award? Travel award? and so on.

Prepare in APA format

The research project abstract is:

The objective of this project is to perform a systematic review of the literature to assess the utilization of clinical risk management policies and subsequent practices in U.S. primary healthcare settings. The method used in this research is tertiary analysis of the existing literature regarding the paper’s objective. Initial findings indicate that while much has been accomplished in the application of clinical risk management policies and practices in tertiary and quaternary institutions in the U.S. and other developed nations (i.e., inpatient/hospitals), research of risk management policies and their subsequent practices specifically within U.S. primary care settings (i.e., outpatient) remains formative. Other major findings of the literature review, such as policies that support patients’ direct participation in risk management practices, has been shown to increase patient safety thereby serving as a measure of reducing clinical risks. Because of the broad complexities inherent to the clinical and administrative environments of U.S. healthcare organizations may have to foster certain risks to patient safety (and other clinical care outcomes), implementation of effective risk management policies and applicable programs is a fundamental imperative to improve the clinical delivery and administrative adjudication of safe, quality care provided to patients in U.S. primary care settings.


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